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fort worth,texas

my collecting interests are many. i collect bottles,coins, ashtrays,lighters, small advertising items,toy banks, construction equipment models. mostly stuff from temy collecting interests are many. i collect bottles,coins, ashtrays,lighters, small advertising items,toy banks, construction equipment models. mostly stuff from texas that i can research its history . (Read more)


  1. other than trying to buy it, did he say what it was?
  2. CW has an article on this type of glasses. its called Girlie glasses, a peep show with your beer.
  3. good info AR8Jason, I see alot of "Tom and Jerry" cups around and always wondered their history.
  4. is this the compressor that was on AMERICAN RESTORATION? anyway its an awesome piece!!!
  5. I have coins that are a hundred yrs old and have been graded as uncirculated so why not a bottle with a label??? Is there some sort of authenticaion service for this sort of stuff? sorry i cant spel...
  6. first of all I am no expert, but the bottle doesnt look to be an old beat up coca cola bottle. seems to be in decent shape. you didnt mention how much you paid so as long as your happy with it. tha...
  7. look up bill lockharts article on 7 up bottles, you can figure out how old your bottle is. its a very interesting article.
  8. I have a frame like that, it's from the late 50's. the picture is pretty cool too!!
  9. 1921 is a greay date, worth aloy more than silver content. great buy.
  10. very interesting bottle..it shows contents so that is a clue to its age. find out when bottlers were required to show contents and that will narrow down how old it is.
  11. I have some of these lighters, what i dont know is if they are all japanese whey can you find them with all different names??
  12. looks like something you can buy at hobby lobby...
  13. the mark on the bottom shows it be made by ANCHOR-HOCKING.
  14. when you open it up it will have the copyright information. my copy says 1996, your looks older.
  15. i have always wondered why different companies(zenith,penguin,deluxe,etc.) would make the same lighters?? does anybody know the story??
  16. i thought the bottles turned purple when you tried to change the color??? anyway, great little assortment of bottles.
  17. this is a game token from the 1960's put out by Shell Oil Co. not 100 % sure but I think thats what this is.
  18. sorry..its watermeter cover keys
  19. google images has pictures of watermeter keys, to me it looks just like yours mr.longforgotten.
  20. AR8Jason, i didnt say it was a key for the meter. if you read what i said was that it was a key for the cover.
  21. must be..i havent seen one of this in 20-30 yrs
  22. this key is to unlock the water meter cover so yourwater meter can be read or to turn off the water to your house.
  23. I like your bank, the banks I collect are car and truck banks. i see you are from NRH, i live in Keller.
  24. the W stands for Wienman.,the designer of this dime. the mintmark is located in the reverse side.
  25. this bottles is unique so it is the only one that exits.....and it is an authentic reproduction as opposed to a fake reproduction!!! what is the unsolved mystery?
  26. the virginia beverage corp. sold Kings Cola from 1915 to appox 1923. your bottle however looks to much like the coca cola bottle of today to be that old. very interesting...I will keep on looking.
  27. looks alot like the ones pictured at www.chosi.org/bottles
  28. first of all,you have a great bottle. go to www.sha.org/bottle/index.htm. this site has a ton of info on bottles. there is a section on glass manufacturers marks. good luck!!
  29. I cant tell how old or where your bottle is from, but according to Historic Bottle website your bottles was made by Laurens Glass Works or Louisville Glass Works. not much info but hopefully will st...
  30. need a better close up of that area..
  31. I just saw a copy of the second one in an antique mall in fort worth. i will have to go back and check how much they want for it.
  32. i dont know what you mean by Bass high....are you refering to the Hunt Bros trying to corner the silver market?
  33. i believe the f is for fine print.
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