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  1. I just found the same quarter. I thought it had a coating error of some sort. Mine is 5.5g and the edging seems to be smoother.
  2. I don't believe they are. One has markings. The woman doesn't and much different by the bottom.
  3. Thank you Patricia
  4. Nope it is Morlzy. He paints sailboats. Oil painting.
  5. Thank you Joleary88. I'm not sure though. Unless it's just the way he signs. Then it would be Malcolm Morlay.
  6. Anyone know who R. Jimenez is?
  7. I removed a pic to add the new one. Its hard to see but I think I see a 2 or something. Problem is its too hard to see. Possible numbers. I wish I could find out what this is exactly as in the company...
  8. fhrjr2.....thank you. Can you guess an age on this?
  9. or is it A. Bruhins.
  10. This is a tile painting.
  11. kwqd.....I think the mat is just thicker and cut that way. I believe the brown is in the inside of it. I dont believe it turned that color. I am going to check into that though. Thank you
  12. I appreciate the comments. It is under glass. Iposted a picture oftheback and closeups of the dress and seams. Hope this helps.
  13. I actually found out its not Morley.....its Morlzy
  14. Is that a signature on it? Looks like an Asian style signature.
  15. Believe it or not it is a cat. I looked and realized that after. I saw the cat face. Didn't realize it's the body also. Others that saw it saw a face also.
  16. I'm thinking this is on a tile of some sort.
  17. Has anyone seen this mark on the bottom before? Trying to figure the maker out.
  18. Collector90 what is yours made of?
  19. When I finally get it authenticated and graded I will post new pic. Been a while and very anxious to authenticate it. Thanks for all the help guys. Been too long. I have several items I will be asking...
  20. Anyone know what it's for?
  21. So many Morleys out there. But can't find one that signs with just Morley and no other initial or name.
  22. But there is no W. Does he sign without the W? Thank you for the help.
  23. Measures 4' x 38" x almost 16 3/4"
  24. Thank you OlofZ.
  25. Found this. Looks more like i...
  26. Tétradrachme . Azes overlapping to right a horse whose mane tail are tied and holding in his right hand a whip ; front letter " Pra " . R / : Kharosthi legend . Pallas standing right , the shield on...
  27. Nope. Nothing. It's weird. I'm guessing it's silver. But I have no other facts about this coin.
  28. It looks silver I thought. But I figure they wouldn't look silver and look a lot more gold colored.
  29. can you tell the difference?
  30. I added pictures. I wanted to open back up but it is like fort knox. Very secure. Im affraid to ruin it.
  31. Actually the name on it is M. H. Lowell. It is 10x14".
  33. anyone know?
  34. anyone else?
  35. anyone ever see this?
  36. It's not serpentine. It's the wrong color. It does look like nephrite though.
  37. The tourist ones I have seen are almost perfect. That should not be the case with an original. All are different I would think.
  38. This is definitely not molded. It is a stone of some sort. I'm still thinking It could be original and not a copy. I have seen others and it looks just as nice. I would think having rough cuts and no...
  39. I have many coins like this but I also have trouble finding the exact coins and values. Your best bet is to find out what they are at the library or buy a book and look for past auctions that ended.
  40. Thank you. I'm just trying to figure out what year it was made and if find at this point. I love it.
  41. Just realized mine has the number 7,166 on it. Does this mean its another mint of this coin? the weight is 41.4G give or take and size is a litle larger than a silver dollar.
  42. what was the date thywere produced?
  43. It looks as if someone just covered it and put a pin back on it. It looks like there may be or was an image.
  44. I just saw something where it probably was gold And it say or is related to the British Guana ship.
  45. I just saw something similar....15thC Square brass Henry gold uniface angle coin weight from Low Countries or this probably around the time of this?
  46. Not at all.
  47. Thank you beyemvey. Are they both seals? Any idea which type of seal?
  48. Wow. Figured I would have got one guess on this. I'm still stumped.
  49. I have done a little research and see it is a restrike. The fact that it was in such a potective case makes me think its wort something and may be a collectible medal. Any help woud be greatly appreci...
  50. Does anyone understand the writing on this seal? I am looking for someone to possibly let me know what it reads.
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