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Fayetteville, North Carolina

Disabled Vet Nam Era Wheelchair Veteran who collects Ephemera, Black Americana, Vintage Books, Photography, Odd Ball Items


4 Issues of Hutchings California Illustrated Magazine - Paperin Paper
Recently found WWII Cards found at Estate - Postcardsin Postcards
20 Coin Lot American Error Coins - US Coinsin US Coins
Mixed Lot of Americana Post Cards - Postcardsin Postcards
'Children of All Lands Books", 1930's - Booksin Books
The Frank Leslie Christmas Book, 1895 - Booksin Books
Marcus B. Toney THE PRIVATIONS OF A PRIVATE 1907 Author-Signed Confederate Army Officer Photographic Plates - Booksin Books
 "The Exchange National Bank of Tulsa Oklahoma", Charter No. 9658. Type 2 , VF +.  & Very Rare......... - US Paper Moneyin US Paper Money


The Frank Leslie Christmas Book, 1895