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  1. Perfect thank you very much for the info
  2. Yes have seen a few similar but none show age and who is the man in the middle
  3. Lol ebay
  4. Yes it's a bottle opener but think other two items too small for BBQ I would think
  5. No offense taken here appreciate the comment keep them coming
  6. Do they still use these and is the railroad company still around
  7. So what age are we talkin not to be nosy about when you went to school lol
  8. This is a small projector has clear slides that I clamp in to it almost seems like a microscope slide
  9. So is it a Transit order a laser laser level because I see the level but I don't see anything to look through
  10. That is really cool you got some really cool stuff keep up the collecting
  11. Yeah that's what makes me wonder why Schneider's meat company gave it to him he used to be a butcher
  12. The box won't open took a picture of the front and back
  13. I was told that it was part of a radio broadcast it's the show with the light is green there on a the air I was told it was from a 1960 CBC broadcasting
  14. Perfect thanks again
  15. Perfect thank you very much that's why I love this site so many knowledgeable people
  16. Perfect thanks for the info you are a very knowledgeable man thank you very much
  17. W.A habermas Germany Randolph Surgical Germany Aloe Usa
  18. KNY Scheerer
  19. I wish I could take a better picture the one is g. S. Pakista a lot of them are from Germany and hartz from the US the one with the gold that you put in your fingers says on it diamond tipped
  20. Someone mentioned an old opium pipe
  21. What exactly is a cryptograph phone
  22. What is civil air patrol and also other comment so does the medal make it world war 2
  23. WWI Reiger Williams Sheffield Knife. Rowbotham Sheffield England
  24. Can't fiqure out the name
  25. Very nice
  26. Thanks for the info only paid 30 so that's good thanks
  27. Can you tell me how to find the difference
  28. Perfect thank you
  29. Nice thank you
  30. Ya it must have been a custom job
  31. I know and the funny thing is things like cooking toothpaste heroin it's amazing what they used and what is considered band now and get arrested for having it
  32. Love reading the history of old stuff like that thanks
  33. Well that's great searching I searched all day couldn't find anything like it thanks for your help guys I will check out that Gillette site
  34. Love old advertising and love the orange crush bottles I collect them as well don't have the brown one with the big crush label
  35. Good for you hard to do that and stay with it
  36. Starting to get out of collecting tobacco stuff more into old quackery medical devices amazing what they used to do in back in the day
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1920s orange crush fountain Crush Soda Bottle (Arabic) Waterbury Novelty Clock I YAM WHAT I YAM! Vintage Hallmark Birthday card Western Electric Intercom (Early 1900’s) the Chiefs  or the 49ers  in the super bowl    ?? OLD ORANGE CRUSH THERMOMETER U-Select-It 5 cents  candy vending machine Nosegay Tobacco signs Old 35 cent cigarette machine