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I love finding the most unique items, trouble is sometimes it take a long time to find out what it is. That is why I love this site.


  1. Ty I will get better photo's
  2. Thank You
  3. Sent The Benson Ford Research Center a message and photo. Wish me luck!!
  4. Thanks for the comments, I will contact The Benson Ford Research Center. The one I opened, looking in the light I saw a female in front of an old Ford. You have no idea how bad I wanted to look at th...
  5. Thank You it is starting to make sense, he made steins.
  6. I would like to know what period this is from, and possible value.
  7. It is solid wood
  8. Thank you all, you folks are amazing!! I will not touch it, it amazing to think one of the soldiers held this in his hands.
  9. Illinois
  10. Should it be cleaned or restored?
  11. Wow!! I must say this was an amazing find, I do have to sell it it is part of an estate what is the best avenue in which to sell items like this?
  12. http://www.cayennedetectors.com/relics4sale.htm This could be it!! really though $1000
  13. Thank You will keep up the search and appreciate your help
  14. The blade seems too long its over 12" loggers pikes were much shorter. I keyed in Antique pikes and came up with Confederate Bridle Cutter Pike maybe not sure yet?
  15. Thank You so much very helpful information.
  16. I added a few more pics. Thanks again
  17. You were right I smell tobacco. I understand your position, but also appreciate your time and effort. I know a glass blower that is experiencing the same thing, I have a feeling that in the futur...
  18. It is completely in-lay no paint, just hoped someone was familiar or has seen this piece before. I am not even sure as to what type of wood it is. Thanks!!!
  19. I think you are right, amazing in-lay work and idea how old it is?
  20. Looks like Royal Copley pottery. Very nice!!!
  21. Thanks!!
  22. There are very tiny nails in the drawer
  23. Wow, Ton of information. THANKS ALL!!! This is why I come here. I did have a few guys look at it and they tried to offer me $200.00. Who do you trust anymore? Does anyone have a guess of its value...
  24. Great advise, it looks better. Thank You for all your help its been a pleasure
  25. Thank You so much!!! Ton of information. Crown symbol City of Sheffield England Lion is a symbol of sterling silver T- is the year 1885 JB- John Batt 1880 Still I can not find what the JIB means....
  26. Thanks, I hope I can find out the details of this piece. Still some hope for treasure hunters yet
  27. I agree, I think they did too. Though all I can find on Gaumont is Camera's or Movie Camera's.........
  28. Interesting, but the thing unscrews. Looks like a hiding place???
  29. Wow!! That's amazing she survived. Now I think I am hooked. Thanks
  30. Do you know the year she was made?
  31. Thanks so much for the information, I had a feeling about being careful who I let work on her, I agree with you about sentimental value. My Mom wants her so bad, I am giving it to her, but I wanted...
  32. I will do that. Thank you you have been very helpful, I appreciate you Libby
  33. I think you are right, I thought that it was too clean too. I wanted to take it to a doll appraiser to find out, but I knew I would get a good start here. Thanks
  34. Based on that info, I will keep researching Thank You
  35. I wish there was, there is nothing at all. This is why i am having such a problem. I was hoping someone would recognize the piece.
  36. The Height of this butter churn is 17 1/2" tall 38" H if you add the Churn Stick.
  37. Thank You,very much!!!!
  38. Thanks so much for the information. I am very new at this and I think I am hooked. Though I would not put it in the dishwasher. But I bet someone would LOL
  39. Should we clean it?
  40. I think you are getting close though.
  41. Thank You very much, its so hard with out markings.
  42. I would like to find out about this compote, it has interesting etching, in a deep forest green color, and has a rainbow effect in the clear glass. Hope to solve this mystery.
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