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Im a very happy outgoing type fellow,happily married with 2 great kids 12 year old daughter 4 year old son. Being part Cherokee indian I started taking and interest Im a very happy outgoing type fellow,happily married with 2 great kids 12 year old daughter 4 year old son. Being part Cherokee indian I started taking and interest in collecting arrowheads now I have 100's of them and still search the fields for them, Also use to collect ballcards before the price per pack got so outragous but still have many great ones. Recently started digging for old bottles after finding a few behind an old prostition house in VA. Found a couple to start with and got hooked from there. Found this wonderful site here and hoped for some help on some of what I find and have found the folks on here to be very nice and helpful. Thanks to all of you!! (Read more)


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Quartz arrowhead - Native Americanin Native American
Spearhead - Native Americanin Native American
Mountan Dew Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Old Bayer Aspirin Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Coca Cola Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Mountain Valley Mineral Water - Bottlesin Bottles
Knight Liquor Bottle Decanter (1869) - Bottlesin Bottles
Arrowheads Found in NC - Native Americanin Native American
Caravan Ginger Ale  - Bottlesin Bottles
Winston Salem NC 3cent Milk Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. lol im in the same boat.. 1000s may be true hadnt really seen anymore just like it
  2. lol we are in a class of our own. But thats a good thing
  3. Thanks ..its an awesome feeling holding these for the first time in 100s of years since they were last touched
  4. #s are 56&53 other bottle has 61&72
  5. It is flint was laying right next to the waterline of the lake. Lake was up 15 feet so this may been under mud for who knows how long. Occonechee Indians where in the area lake was built. I have 100s ...
  6. That sounds like a great idea for the broken ones I have.. May try to do that also!!
  7. Thanks I thought so too after I washed it off and seen what it was (=
  8. Thanks. Oh yes your right I wouldnt take a wad of cash for these lots of hours walking searching for these..lol
  9. They must been terrible shots here I have the proof of that..lol.. I just have posted a pic of a few arrowheads dont know why I havnt yet. Thanks for the request to do so ( : Love finding these thing...
  10. Finally dug one of these up a lil while back the color isnt great as yours but still not bad to have been under dirt for that long. Just had to let you know. Thats an awesome story you shared about yo...
  11. Thats awesome flowerrose glad I could shed some light on your mystery peice.. This one is pretty smooth inside tho.
  12. This is awesome, You have many great items on here
  13. Not really Packrat.. it behind what use to be a Prosition house up in VA. I guess they just dug holes or just tossed these bottles in the woods. some are on top of ground under leaves limbs,etc some a...
  14. Thank you very much Yuko
  15. This is the bottle that keeps escaping me.. found 5 of them at on property all broke.. kept 2 anyway..lol..Never given up tho.. Thanks for putting pic up that keeps my hopes up.
  16. Thanks chinablue and jimborasco, It does have a metal tip on the glass and has like a metal wick like peice.The pan has alot of wear so it has had heat most likely.Its a very interesting and confusing...
  17. Thanks packrat, hard for me to get a good pic.. not a photographer..lol.. The bird bottle has two heads and is awesome.The other was an instant favorite of mine with the Patriot head(im a huge New Eng...
  18. Thank you fun to find too
  19. NEHI bottom says design MAR 3 1925.. Love this one found 3 broke ones before finding this one.. My next challenge is the brown Crush bottle I have found 5 of them all broke in half.. hate finding them...
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Spearhead Arrowheads Real or fake? Arrowhead collection found at Goodwill Tuscarura Indian artifacts of North Carolina Bad tooth I have & a few arrowheads bi-face???knife???trade blank??? Ky Found Spear Point Spearhead found after a hard rain. Located in SW Ga on my own swamp bottom. Meserve Arrowhead Point found in S.W. Arkansas Indian Artifact? Ma Cherie #7 Old earthenware bottle. Perfume Bottle A six ounce grapette bottle 1939 Orange Crush A Few More ACL Soda Bottles