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Nanticoke, PA

Hi, im Ed, 35 year old from Northeast PA! I enjoy hunting, hiking, and most of all spending time with my beagle Vladdy! I've had an appreciation for antiques since Hi, im Ed, 35 year old from Northeast PA! I enjoy hunting, hiking, and most of all spending time with my beagle Vladdy! I've had an appreciation for antiques since I was young thanks to my parents. My main passions are Civil War memorabilia and my ever growing oil lamp collection, but if it's old and catches my eye I'm into it. (Read more)


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 Early 19 century engraved soapstone bullet mould - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
1870s Atterbury Goddess of Liberty Oil Lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Mourning Locket! - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
WW2 era cigars - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Mourning plate - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Oil lamp collection - Lampsin Lamps
Composite oil lamps - Lampsin Lamps
Bradley and Hubbard banquet lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Nathaniel Currier print - Fine Artin Fine Art
 Old Pierced lantern - Lampsin Lamps


  1. Thanks Nitty!
  2. Thank you! I got a bit more info on it as I've sent pictures to a reputable Early American militaria seller. He stated its post 1820s due to a few specific engraving on the piece. I'm still doing my r...
  3. Thanks BB
  4. Well the woman I purchased it from stated that she found it in her grandparents home. She also said her family we're a bunch of blondes so she was unsure if this was a relative lol, anyway it's a beau...
  5. No won't be smoking any, just another addition to the collection!
  6. Ya it looks to be a hand painted piece on porcelain
  7. Ya the name is tough but i agree with you that it's Makerm, as for the first name no idea lol, the last line it looks like pat'd / 84 to me
  8. I'll try my best
  9. No, it's not quite my style to wear lol, due to its age and fragile nature I wouldn't even let someone try it on
  10. Beautiful piece, great find
  11. I see alot of lamps with the cast iron base, most likely from the 1880s. The font though is really great, never seen a pattern like it
  12. Welcome, good luck with the piece
  13. Thank you!
  14. Unfortunately not that I have seen, most likely plated
  15. Thanks for the love BB2
  16. Thanks for the love BB2
  17. Thanks for the love BB2
  18. Fantastic lamps! Beautiful pieces!
  19. Purchased this piece which seems to be the same size print at auction a few months ago. I feel your print seems to be in little better condition than mine. If planning to sell you should expect betwee...
  20. Thanks for the love!
  21. And thanks for the love!
  22. Oil lamps are really great, they not only look nice but ya can save on your electric bill! I have a rather extensive collection and most are just display pieces, but I do randomly burn different ones ...
  23. Well, the only other example of the lamp on the left that I've seen through my searching called this an umbrella font, makes sense lol, circa 1890s
  24. He seems thrilled lol
  25. Ya, the left one is pretty cool, I'm digging the font shape! Thanks again for your input Bob
  26. Ya true, thanks for the info!
  27. Did they make different models throughout the years? Mine has patent dates of 85 and 88 on it, just curious
  28. That's how they had it displayed when I purchased it, I'll fix it lol, thanks
  29. Oops, awe I was told 1880s , bummer, but still cool
  30. Beautiful piece!
  31. Very cool! Thanks Dave
  32. Spirit, it says copyrighted 1884 by W J Nelson
  33. Indeed they would Keeper!
  34. Thanks for the love spirit!
  35. Sorry the pic isn't the greatest but it's clear
  36. And I just want to say thanks, I only found this site because I was looking for info on an oil lamp font and you helped me out Bob! Your the man and I appreciate everyone on this website!
  37. That is so crazy! Glad I could trigger those memories with this, I only have a few old bottles and this is by far my favorite!
  38. I'll get back to ya asap, not home at the moment
  39. I've read that too Scott unfortunately, but I had to take a shot on them for what I paid, I contacted the Horse Soldier in Gettysburg and sent them pics so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good news!
  40. Fantastic piece, my father owns a Babe Ruth signed ball but that doesn't come close to this!
  41. Hmmm, I never thought of doing that, good idea to find out if a hidden gem is underneath. Thanks for the info
  42. It's a victorian banquet lamp in very nice condition, either late 19th or early 20th century
  43. And the flat sided burner by Bridgeport looks fantastic on the Adams lamp!
  44. Cake stand is very cool looking btw!
  45. Yes, it has about half of the writing still intact on the bottom of the flowers so it's definitely without a doubt the ones that came with it, and as for the larger lamp I'm haven't taken it apart if ...
  46. Wow, that's great! Thank you so much! I actually ordered Thuro's vol 1 a few days ago, I currently only own vol 2 , Thanks again, Ed
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