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Old? Asian vase - Asianin Asian
asian fish bowle nr 2 - Asianin Asian
asian large  fish bowle  - Asianin Asian
asian vase - Asianin Asian
asian vase - Asianin Asian
red and golden lamp with flowers - Lampsin Lamps
asian vase - Asianin Asian
litle set - Asianin Asian
and some more of my goodys that i know nothing about - Asianin Asian
temple jar nr 2 - Asianin Asian


  1. oh right litle legs are not standing,they laying on their side.got it. lol
  2. i keep thinking it is ober 18 inches tall and heavy how on earth is a litle string holding this with if full of water the openings are not very big so if string went thrue that it was a smal string...
  3. surfdub66, i try to look at marks on the site after a couple of min i get dissy,lol all of this is totally facinating to me,i had no intent of collecting asian things till i found the dragon temple ...
  4. surfdub66 and shrine have a bit of conflicting years on this one ?
  5. surfdub66 thank you i really like them to
  6. shrine so it a new one with old mark like fake right?
  7. i tried looking this mark on the bottom up.ugh,there is so many.
  8. can anyone make out the mark on this one?
  9. nobady has any ideas? i dont even know where to begin with this one :(
  10. oh and there are no markings on bottom.
  11. so someone just told me that it could be a Venetian Murano Cranberry Glass lamp hmmmmmmmmmm ????
  12. so they actually had fish in these?
  13. hello shrine sorry i have been sick,but uncommen is a good thing right do i need to pamper it ? lol now it just sits on top of my china cabinet.haha. i would love to be able to llok at pictures of...
  14. i was just kidding shrine,and i wish i could say i have 90 percent confidence but i have 0.lol i know i love dragons and blue and white that about sums my knowlage about it up. yup haha i really a...
  15. and again shrine thank you
  16. thank you shrine are you shure you kidding? haha
  17. shrine here we go i updated pics
  18. i am still clueless :(
  19. AntiqueDee thanks for input.i will look into that i to think that it is gorgeousto. my house is blue and white but i loved it so much i had to have it even dow it is red.haha yesterdays search made...
  20. i am in the us they sell for alot at auction over here so keep it safe and only fill with apple wine haha
  21. kat i apreciate every comment and yes thanks to jim we have the same conclusion 2 times now.:) i actually did look at that website and came up with the same thing lol easy after someone tells you a...
  22. kyratango i do apreciate opinions to you know;0 i know nothing about it.
  23. kyratango, that is funny and helpfull i will fix it later on and keep that in mind thank you
  24. i posted a litle set would you be kind to see if you know the mark on those? please please please
  25. thank you jwendell222 yor input is verry much apreciated the more i find out the more hooked i am getting with it all.i love it it is all sooooooo interesting :)
  26. kleiraba is the company that makes them and yes handarbeit means hand made
  27. i think they made in czeck i had a simular set with caraffe that i bought there
  28. i grew up with this i am german and my parents house was full of it i still love it the jugs where for apple wine
  29. i will repost with the stamps on bottom thank you everybody for input
  30. oh my, you just made me laugh out loud by the way if my writing is a litle off is cause i am german.haha just so you dont think what did she pay attention at in school :)
  31. i thought pictures where clear ,no? the not so clear one is facing into the jar and lid but i can repost with better pictures,?
  32. i have a diffrent one with no top that i bought at the same time . i will post that one to, it is the same mistery then this one.yup
  33. they had theirs labeld as Qian Long period- Qing dynasty 1736-1796. 17.5"H x 11"D (12 Lbs. weight) mesurments and weight are about right. all i know is that i love it but wish i could know something...
  34. iagree i think it is beautiul to, and you are right i am in a nightmare ,haha apraisels are crazy expensive i found out,figures.haha talking to people i have 17 cent to 19 cent.those are a lot of ye...
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BIG BLACK BEAUTY HAND PAINTED  ( HARRACH ? ) Carving picture? Asian Lion with possible Vietnamese mark?? Need help Exquisite Balinese Cameo Japanese Yukuta/Kimono silk? temple jar Green Chinese Porcelain Jardiniere Late 1800's -early 1900's chinese dragon pot persian (iran) pair of vases