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Perth Western Australia

I'v always got my eyesopen for anything out of the ordinary. I fix stuff in my spare time and am a furniture removalist so plenty of good scores and converstions goI'v always got my eyesopen for anything out of the ordinary. I fix stuff in my spare time and am a furniture removalist so plenty of good scores and converstions going on there. (Read more)


  1. Hi thanks for the interest from one fan to another isnt the uncut cans awsome! They are not really for sale but I guess you could make an offer, Iv just noticed I havent said that they are made of t...
  2. Wow I havnt been on line for a few days, Thanks for all the love people! About any news on finding out what this is Im sorry Musikchoo I just havnt had time yet, but thanks again for your interest I...
  3. They are in all of my photos just click on my eyesopen name, there are three clowns. I dont know anything about mine either?
  4. Hi lundy I think that your clown doll is real cool, I have been collecting clowns for my baby girl, mainly circus clowns. I have 3 which I also cant Identify your welcome to have a look if you like. ...
  5. Thanks for that info I enjoyed reading about it. Cheers
  6. Hi I've just noticed that tyres is spelt tires? I see its canadian maybe its spelt different than Australia? its real cool non the less
  7. Hi stefdesign Thanks for your interest, I'm sure someone out there knows plenty of information about my plate. At least I know its not a one off if you've seen one before $$$$: ( Oh well it only cos...
  8. Thank you so much stainedglass for all the info I sure have plenty to learn about silverware, this is a great place to start. I think to that this mystery is surely solved. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks musikchoo I recon you love it as much as I do!! Thats great to know. This hasnt been seen by a fish expert but has been seen by so many people yet still no one knows what it is, I almost sol...
  10. Thanks stefdesign that gives me somthing to work from at least so far I'v searched and found nothing! By the way did you have a look at the more detailed listing of my plate? I had to repost it just...
  11. photos uploaded, enjoy.
  12. I'v got some more photos of it which I will up load, unfortunatly when I put it on the computer was playing up, that 1 photo took half an hour! should be ok now.
  13. Thanks musikchoo I think so too.
  14. Thank you very much for the information one thing I havnt yet grasped, with the 90 grams of silver is the 12 spoons and 12 forks a well known example of the amount of silver used to make something?
  15. Lol thats awsome I just read it to the wife and she said it sounds more like a torcher chamber. Thanks for that, I have heard of a homemade more simple mouse trap, that consists of an open ended drum...
  16. Hi stained glass, I'd agree, it would look mighty fine in my mancave. Would you be able to have a look at my snow white silver/pewter cup and saucer? so far I havnt been able to solve the mystery abo...
  17. Hi I've clicked on the site provided by packrat but nothing came up (page error) Its a very cool thing, and I was wondering how it works? can you please explain.
  18. I dont know what it is but I'd have been so exited finding that! Love it!
  19. Thank you very much for the link I've checked it out and at least I know now that they are not real old I dont think and probley not worth that much, but real nice! I'm stoked with the find.
  20. Hi Kerry thanks for your interest The designs are inlay, it looks to me like different types of shell or somthing?
  21. thanks retrolover
  22. That is absoutly awsome! Do you know what country it is from? Or the brand?
  23. beautiful car! I'v got a 69 fairlane its been 2yrs restoration so far but I'v always loved the 57's more!
  24. also it says on the hall marking newport which I belive was her first factory when she was about 29? (might have age a little wrong) Well that factory has been protected for many many years as a histo...
  25. I agree with bellin68 Iv got an antique price guide book infront of me unfortunatly your particular plate isnt in here but WOW its expensive stuff congratulations! I would get it valued and then ins...
  26. That is real cool! Good buy!
  27. Oh well like I said I didnt know about collecting cards before and I do now, Pretty boring then! I though maybe they were part of a game of somesort like what kids play now a days but I guess not. tha...
  28. yes I guess I should have been more descriptive they are not all 1995 that is why I put from the 90's. The unsolved mystery was more towards what they are used for. but thanks for noticing cheers.
  29. Thanks for spreading the love everyone
  30. thanks for having a look.
  31. That must have been an exiting day to come across all those! thats why we junk hunt isnt it to get that rush!
  32. Thanks Trey Seems Ill have to investigate these a little further before selling! thanks for the heads up.
  33. Nice tin!
  34. Cool sign! good score, you might like my coca cola stuff?
  35. Nice find but so sad to see the chevy in that condition, my father used to drop us kids off to school in a mint origional 1938 chevy in about 1985 I wish he still had it.
  36. Hi Thanks so much for the info guys I have checked out the sight you suggested dave and I think your correct on saying its very similar, I have had an offer of $300 for mine but did'nt take it as Im s...
  37. Thank you very much for all the info. I think it will just find a home in my cabinet for a few years. Thanks again. Kane.
  38. Thank you for your information I didnt think that it would be worth anything in this condition, but at least now I can forget about selling it anywere. Thanks again. kane.
  39. Yeah good point about the diamiter, that would make sence. Thanks alot for the info. Cheers, Kane.
  40. I am please to say that I was out for a junk hunt today and I found another digger just like it! obviously they arn't old, but they are still real cool.
  41. Thanks everyone for your interest in my cool little digger, and thanks for the info on how old it isnt : ) Maybe Ill search for a new one before spending to much time on this one. Cheers kane.
  42. Thanks everyone for the info, my wife loves it which is a shame! (cant sell it!) Lol
  43. Thanks for that I'm pleased to know where it stands. It will become my mothers sewing trash can so she'll be happy about that I'm sure she'll love it even more than I do. Cheers Kane.
  44. Thanks for all the info every one. I guess this puzzles is solved for sure. Papa were did you get all this infomation? Iv been looking on the internet for days on end and havent been able to find ...
  45. Thanks Dean great to find out more about it. Kane.
  46. I think yours are much older than mine. Nice!
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