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  1. Blunderbuss2 - it's laying on it's side to show the bottom.
  2. I enjoyed reading TrunkerMarvin's post about this trunk, as I too had heard the story that the dome top trunks were made for ladies and were always stacked on top of the trunks in shipment. Interestin...
  3. Beautiful restoration!
  4. Beautiful detail! Nice toy chest! :)
  5. Hi - beautiful trunk! I recently acquired one that has the same embossed metal covering in areas. Mine is not in very good shape when I got it. Upon cleaning the metal a little i was able to tell by t...
  6. I agree with ChinaBlue - I'd clean it only - it is WAY to gorgeous to do anything else to. Every time I come across this trunk on this my mouth mouths "wow"...every time :)
  7. I typed "beater trunk" into google - nothing shows...did you mean to type "Beat up" trunk? LOL. That would accurately describe this trunk, bless it's heart.
  8. Oh...also the back of it - someone has taken 3-4 strips (small ones) of tin and hammered them to bend at the junction of the dome part to the side of the dome to "patch" the area - it must have been l...
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"Jordan" Named after a good friend who inspired this one. Antique Dome Top Trunk for 1890's Another completed trunk Antique Steamer Trunk Martin & Maier antique Trunk