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Oregon, USA


studio pottery signed Padget - Potteryin Pottery
Is this a Gordon Martz piece? - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Andrew MacCorkindale is a Portland, Oregon USA studio potter. Not really mass produced since it's just him making them himself by hand, but it's sort of his 'signature' form, these lidded boxes, or at...
  2. They said it's not Ryan Padget.
  3. It's possibly by Maigon Daga? Signature is different but maybe it's really early, the 90 probably not a date anyway since it's obviously older than that. If it is it's a good piece.
  4. Here's how the signature should look
  5. It's missing it's lid though, but I've sold them without - people still like them sometimes anyway.
  6. I vote possibly Japanese, also.
  7. That looks so familiar, like I've seen it in a marks book. Maybe in Lehner's US pottery marks.....I'll check.
  8. All these Lois Van Vleet you've found are cool. Nice work.
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