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Does anybody have any idea what this is?? We are stumped! - Potteryin Pottery


  1. dickweedrules Hi, I just took a bunch of pictures-so if you want them send me an email, and I will send them your way!
  2. luckyshamrock51@aol.com my email address!
  3. dickweedrules So do you still need more pictures? I can give u my email, then send me something, and I could add some to that and send back! lots
  4. We agree, we were just talking about it! Wish you could see it too, but u are a long way away! I live in Harpers ferry, WV--USA.
  5. Hey, my husband thinks, the head might be a hunter-they used to get dressed up to hunt long ago--the rich men anyway? That would go in line with the rabbit stew cooker? Just a thought! Nancy
  6. Well he was excited that he might finally found out what this crazy thing might be. I believe that it is very old-if you could see it up close and personal-you can just tell! We really appreciate yo...
  7. I really think it is really old-if you could see it up close the materials it was made from are the old way grains of rocks in it. But hopefully we will see soon! Thanks for your input!
  8. dickweedrules Thanks so much-i will be waiting to see what you find out, maybe you could take the pictures with u, maybe they could tell by that. You are awesome, I can't thank you enough.
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