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body of simon & halbig - Dollsin Dolls
Heubach body original? - Dollsin Dolls
Simon & Halbig baby doll - Dollsin Dolls
Heubach German cutie - Dollsin Dolls
3 favorite white lamps - Lampsin Lamps
antique square table - Furniturein Furniture
laurel and hardy - Moviesin Movies
Boot Scrapper - Folk Artin Folk Art
two heddle floor loom - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
West German pottery I need a possible date - Potteryin Pottery


  1. ok after the 975 it has 5/0 0...now I thought that second 0 was an a but it seems there is a faint line under the second 0 ....geeeezzzz just not sure....you have been alot of help. I probably will be...
  2. thanks again Vestaswind....is the value a good one? Is there anyway I could get original clothes? and maybe a date or approximate?
  3. thank you vestawind the 975 etc is partially covered (just a little bit) by the material should that be?
  4. thank you I'm on my way to undress her and check it out...will put picture up
  5. Vestawind....call me insane and tell me to wear my glasses....I just checked and it's not 127 it's 121......duh.......I don't know about it being the original hair, it looks to be in very good conditi...
  6. thanks Vestawind....I will do just that and put it back on show and tell....
  7. Oh my...my brother brought back a whole family of them from when he was in the navy and was in Australia. The kangaroo fur was always so soft. I believe there was 6 maybe even more koalas starting wit...
  8. than you very much
  9. could it be Majestic Lamp co?
  10. thanxs a whole bunch.....are they considered hobnail?
  11. thanks again...
  12. thanks cis2you...I know that the more heddles the better....my mom made hundreds of rag rugs that the whole family have used for years....fortunately we have the chance to pass it on to our younger fa...
  13. And again I thank you...you are the DizzyDave man of the hour!! Appreciate the info
  14. Thank you tikiray...I appreciate your info....I'm going to look at ebay, when we first got this piece we saw a pair on TV appraised for $1000.00 so hopefully it will be worth maybe half that amount
  15. thank you AnnMarie...I will take your advice...and Leslie...had a business once....yuk on the sales tax figuring....I totally understand...lol
  16. You have come through for me again DizzyDave...is there any way to suggest a value?
  17. Thank you Leslie for your info...You are right I checked on ebay and I got prices fromm 29.99 to 500.00...so go figure..eh? I will check your reference...I have other things to is that YOUR website? a...
  18. very helpful...thanks again
  19. any kind of value? or is it something that an appraiser needs to look at...we are getting ready for an estate sale..do you think maybe we should take both this print and the picasso print to a reputab...
  20. thank you Dave
  21. thanks Rosco...do you own a bassett hound named flash???
  22. Again DizzyDave great info...I would of never known any of that...so is it a print you say? not an etching? that part kind of confuses me....also any idea of value?
  23. wow Leo, I was thinking more 20's...any idea of value?
  24. thank you Dizzydave...you're a dizzydoll
  25. thank you Janet...it's pretty but you are right there is a miss match there....I just love this website!..keep your eyes open I have alot more lamps to send your way...again thank you
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