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  1. Thanks Valentino!
  2. Their whole history is there. Neat site.
  4. Junkcollector, I bought them in the US. Missouri. Smack dab in the middle. I just uploaded two pics of marks. Another mark is the word "metal." Another mark, I don't care how good the pic is, the...
  5. Thanks, antiquerose! Brilliant! I'll give it a shot.
  6. Thanks, Rose! I'm a sucker for a dog looking for a pack to belong to:)
  7. I thought so :)
  8. Thanks all for the compliments and info! I just love it. I'm going to have it mounted in a shadowbox. I seem to have a thing for brooches, but I don't wear them. I think I'm going to have a few pu...
  9. Thanks, Sean! I agree!
  10. Yup. Infant of Prague. I have a couple in my Catholic items collection. Some of these statues come with real fabric cloaks.
  11. When I get some time, I'll have a photo session with some of my favorites, nuts. Thanks for the interest!
  12. Thanks Sean! Not bad for $50. I love it! There has to be a specific name for this form though.
  13. LOL. Mine too. That's why I teach. I'm always dumping work on my poor students.
  14. And, oh yeah, can I buy a new handle for the case?
  15. Thank you guys pointing me towards help, Riply and Blunder. And thank you, trunkman, for getting back to me!
  16. Trunkman, you have been recommended as the go-to guy for trunk info. Can you look at the little one I posted last night and tell me what it was used for? And rough age estimate? I've had it for yea...
  17. Lefton? Maybe. But if it's vintage and a dog, it's collectible. I only have slightly over a hundred dogs in my vintage dog figurine collection.
  18. Old Style out of Chicago. Still very popular among the young, cheap punkish crowds. Is sign double or single sided?
  21. Can't tell from picture, but I think it's missing the metal ring with three screws at the end of the socket which would hold a smallish glass shade. It's called a bridge arm lamp I think. The metal ...
  22. They look like the gold one I have that my mother rocked me in in the 70's. Though yours may be a decade or two earlier. I don't know.
  23. As a teacher myself, racer, I can guarantee they didn't.
  24. Thanks, Anne! The hole is not for hanging. It's just a part of the design.
  25. Yes. It's all nailed together in a willy-nilly way. Some nails went in sideways and are sticking out. I tried to take it to a frame shop to have them put a hanger on it but the wood is so old it ke...
  26. Thanks toracat! Me, too.
  27. I just posted one I bought yesterday. It's an arma christi or passion cross.
  28. Holy mackerel, Manikin, that one on etsy is really something.
  29. Wow. Thank you all for the help. I'm Catholic but have never seen this in forty years. I'll be looking more online tonight thanks to all your help. Manikin- I thought they were plastic, too, until...
  30. Thanks, Tom! Copper pan came from Goodwill. Almost all of it did. The porcelain creamer came from the rubble of a demolished 1800's storefront.
  31. I really, really want to know what era it's from or decade it was made. Then it'll be a solved mystery for me.
  32. Without the stamps, I see a great necklace caddy.
  33. Thanks. Been meaning to join for a while.
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