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  1. I am searching for the name of town and/or community with a name ending in "Village" located either in Missouri or Maryland that bottled the "Star" Coca-Cola square bottom soda water bottles. I have s...
  2. I have one of the round / square Coca Cola Soda bottles which has the 6 stars around the top. However, the bottom is plain without a city / location embossed on it. Could anyone possibly give an appro...
  3. It could possibly be an antique. Hopefully, someone else could chime in on this.
  4. It is a small incense burner, the type that does not have a lid. It is in my booth at a local antique shop currently. Any thoughts on the scrap brass shell turned into China Brass objects story that I...
  5. Many thanks for your input. I suspect, by its condition, that this is a recent reproduction.
  6. It could be. I added a picture of the underside of the shade holder. Looks as if someone has soldered the ring onto the supporting wires.
  7. The fit is a light friction fit for the last 1/4 inch when inserting it into the base. This makes me think that it may very well be original to the base. However, I can't factually say that it is.
  8. Thank you for explaining what the font & font holders are. The font seems to be an exact fit for the font holder and seems to match the font holder in outward appearance. I will start another post wit...
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