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  1. you are right it is a prayer book. as you page through the book there are suttle hints as to what some of the words actually mean. for instance 21 is actually A. ius is actually y. they spell february...
  2. if you cant find it in todays world maybe you should start when it was made instead.i have marshall fields book from 1896 and they have watches in there that are elgin and they sold them originally fo...
  3. if there is sunlight going into the cabinet it is just like a oven at 150 degrees and you are heating and cooling it.on the other hand you got a perfect set up to test a piece to see if it's the weeke...
  4. call hotel and ask for the registry history for that day you think j.f.k. was there.take there names and type them into search engine.maybe by chance one of those people on the registry took a picture...
  5. the one on the left with the lady would be higher priced.with out a name or initial or story behind it it gets hard to get exact info.Go to court house go to register of deeds and get info about who o...
  6. beware!!!some state laws wont let you sell these types of fire extinguishers because of the chemicals used in it.
  7. you might be better off to part it out.looks to me that its almost to new.If you part it out its easier to ship then the whole machine.
  8. i have seen these handle lamps go for over 7000 dollars.
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