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More fun family pics - Photographsin Photographs
Straight out of a school teacher's out building - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Fun pictures of relatives - Photographsin Photographs
Leapfrog Box - Animalsin Animals
Need Help! Who is the artist?  
Early Art Donovan Bijou Table Lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Vallauris frying pan - Potteryin Pottery
Present from Dublin Plate - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Etched Glass. No marks. Any ideas on origin?  - Glasswarein Glassware
Silver overlay? Art nouveau?  - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau


  1. Thank you, ozmarty and CindB. :) I am lucky to have a huge collection of great pictures. To ozmarty, yes my granny was a fashion plate! lol Great granny was too! ;)
  2. I showed the vase to an expert who stated, "it is looks like Chinese vase circa late 19 c -early 20 c." Nice to know! Thanks, everybody for your input. Cheers!
  3. Thank you, ho2cultcha. I love the chair as well. Unfortunately, it did not get passed down. Have a great day! :)
  4. Thank you, shareurpassion! Indeed, I am very lucky... =)
  5. No Shrine. I truly appreciate the input. There is something new to learn all the time. The fact that you knew about a particular porcelain dye was interesting. I'm hoping to find the time to open the...
  6. Hi Shrine and idcloisonne, I appreciate your postings. It is a watercolor. It is on paper. I have not taken it out of the "frame" table. I have TOO many projects currently to list. I will make it a po...
  7. Glad you enjoyed the fond memories. Thanks for the comment! :)
  8. Thanks for the comment! :)
  9. I will keep that in mind. =)
  10. Thanks, Blunderbuss. I had no idea. I knew you were on an island but had no idea there were French and Dutch sides. How interesting! So you like the food but not the company... well okay then. :)
  11. Hi Leslie, I sent you a message. It went to your "other" folder as we are not yet Facebook friends. Thank you!
  12. My photos do not do the lamp justice.... I will resubmit when it is restored. :)
  13. I cannot tell you about it but it is beautiful!
  14. An interesting story from my 1st cousin twice removed. The memories are from my great grand aunt. Florence's memory of Reynaud Ranch: "I was born 7 miles east of Fort Bragg, California. My older broth...
  15. blunderbuss2, you are a real riot! What part of France do you visit? racer4four, thank you. That would be great to know what the vehicle was. I have tons more pictures and they’re just great. My mo...
  16. Thanks, friends for the love. These old photos bring me a lot of joy. I'm glad to see they made you smile too blunderbuss. My French ancestors were interesting and some seemed to have a sense of humor...
  17. Hi Leslie, it is an honor to have you post here. Thank you! How great are you to visit this page. It has been written that you work closely with your husband and I cannot believe you found these posts...
  18. Thanks for the love friends. Hi Valentino97, "roached" in this case means that one is torn at the bottom. They have been in an out building so bugs have been gnawing on them... and one has roach poop ...
  19. Hi Vintagefran, it is refreshing to have this kind of response from such a fantastic artist. I love, love Art's work and I believe he is the greatest master living at the moment and what a nice guy! C...
  20. Woohoo!!! I got an email from Art Donovan himself!!! What a SUPER guy! You guys check out his steampunk lamps if you haven't already. You will die! I emailed him and this is what he said in return... ...
  21. Thanks, racer4four! It was fun. I gave it away and wished I hadn't later... oh well. I guess I can make another one. :)
  22. Thank you, friends for the love. Racer4four, I do not know what car is in the photo. I will try to find out and let you know. I found a lot of these pictures from finding more distant relatives throug...
  23. Thanks, Loumanal. I guess it could be a heart with leaves. =)
  24. FAB! Wonderful....
  25. Beautiful!!
  26. Love the loves. =)
  27. Thank you, for the love! =)
  28. Thank you, Sean68! What a good idea. I will continue searching. Thanks for the love! :D
  29. Thank you, Weirdpuckett for the comment. I am going to leave it in that old frame. It seems to have been in there for a long time. I think it protects the edges so there it will stay while I have the ...
  30. Thank you, Weirdpuckett for the response. These are very special to me and I appreciate the kind comment. Cheers!
  31. Thank you, racer4four! Wait until you see what I just got today! Wowza!!! lol I am officially addicted to art. :D
  32. Incredible! Thank you, for the wonderful pictures and information. Love it!
  33. Thank you, friends for the love. Unfortunately, raer4four there are no marks on the back. It's a keeper but I just wish I knew the age. Thanks again for the thoughts. :)
  34. Thank you, everyone for the love! <3
  35. Anybody have any ideas at all? Maybe this is Spanish or from somewhere else.. I can't find anything at all like it anywhere.
  36. Thank you, thank you. So it could be either or. Hmmm. More research. ;) Do you think it is from the early 1900s? I wish I had an idea what to value it at for insurance purposes...
  37. Thank you, for the complement. The little painting is more beautiful in person. Perfect idea idcloisonne! The other day, some unusual tile followed me home. I think it is from Spain but not certain. T...
  38. Thanks for all the love friends. <3
  39. One more thing. I did go and check out the site and I saw the plate. It is similar but still different. Do you think it is strange that mine has the bright yellow and orange? The inside ...
  40. Thank you, idcloisonne for (almost always) singlehandedly answering my questions. I was pretty sure someone built the little table around the painting. The colors are still so beautiful...even through...
  41. Thank you, idcloisonne. This piece is a beast as far as weight but it is beautiful in person. The pictures do not do it justice. I collected roughly 6 10" vases, a larger single vase and two 8" vases....
  42. Thank you, Shareurpassion and idcloisonne for your input. I do need to get it figured out. It is a slow but fun process. I will keep looking and hope I can figure it out. Also, idcloisonne I will take...
  43. Wow! Thank you, idcloisonne. You are super nice. I love the information and the case can now be closed. I appreciate the time you took to find the match. You are terrific! :)
  44. I have looked but most of the marks have four characters. Mine seems to have two. I have no clue. Anybody with advice, please feel free to post. Thank you!
  45. Thank you, PDAM for the information. I will know now when "treasure hunting". Thanks again.
  46. Thank you, SEAN68 AND vetraio50! I seriously love them! :)
  47. Thanks, idcloisonne. I have seen some but none exactly like mine. The eyes are different...
  48. Hi vetraio50. You always have the best information! I see them.. looks like a great deal for the set. Auctions are difficult because people's emotions get in the way and one can end up paying more for...
  49. Thank you, austrohungaro. I have read this but wasn't sure. It seems that there is conflicting information on the internet. Thank you, for sharing your thoughts.
  50. Thank you, idcloisonne! I will do just that. Love how informative everyone's responses are in this group. Thanks again...
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Satsuma Japanese Vase - Early 20th Century


posted 53 years ago