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  1. @bostonfan532,sorry for the super late response.To me changing a original color all depends on condition of the bike.If a bike is beat to heck and back i will repaint it with a different color.I don't...
  2. WOW nice score Huntwitch! I've never seen one with gussets,but then again these bikes are rare and there are not many examples.This could very well be a prototype. That goose neck looks super rad.Are...
  3. Exactly Bell! Collecting stuff from our past helps us connect with our youth.
  4. Added to Favs in the Museum.
  5. Oh the things I would give to have that stem.Enjoy it!
  6. Very Nice! Did you make the Zero Clock? I've seen a few of these clocks on Esty.
  7. Love,Love,Love it! What a great find.Heyslugger is that a Tuff Neck Stem?
  8. Thanks for the love Bell blunderbuss2 trunkman Kathycat Manikin officialfuel :)
  9. You'r welcome musikchoo.Sounds like some great memories.
  10. Thanks Bell!
  11. Ok heres's the link to the GT
  12. oops,will shoot some pics to your email
  13. @heyslugger Nice Goose! I followed your page.mine is pushing-concrete.I will post some photos of what i have so far on tumblr.
  14. @ks85 I have a 96 GT Pro Freestyle Tour that i'm restoring.Let me know if you would like to check it out.
  15. Great find,and awesome job on the restoration!
  16. Kathy,thanks for the info.)
  17. Great score! Looks like a 1986,and all original. I was able to find some of these old GT's back in the late 90's.I restored them and sold them.Now they are getting very hard to find in all original c...
  18. The song it plays is Oh du lieber Augustin.A common song among musical steins. The story lives on in the song Oh du lieber Augustin ("Oh, you dear Augustin"), which is still popular in Austria. The...
  19. Thanks for all the love everyone:)
  20. Thank you for all the love guys!!!
  21. Thanks for the love officialfuel:)
  22. Thanks Bell:) Very beautiful indeed! I just love love love this watch!
  23. Thanks for the love packrat!
  24. Thanks for the love Bell!
  25. @artislove Thanks for the love:) It's definitely not drinkable.It was not stored properly for that. It's not dirty.It has a iridescent glaze,and the photos doesn't do it any justice.
  26. Really love the first one!
  27. Thanks for all the love everyone!)
  28. Thanks for all the love everyone!)
  29. Thanks Bell :)
  30. Thank you Bell! No I don't use any of my steins for fear of drinking a little too much and breaking them.
  31. @heyslugger I looked up the Sears Puch motorcycle,and i'm digging the look.
  32. Thank You Bell!
  33. @heyslugger After more searching I found out the frame and fork was made by Tange for Puch in Japan. Love the looptail bikes!
  34. @Musikchoo.I love the character in his face as well.His eyes,and mouth really bring it out.He seems to be kind and wary at the same time.
  35. Thank you Manikin and Musikchoo for the nice comments,and love,and Majestic,and Vetraio for the love.
  36. Sorry for the glare in the photo.
  37. Thanks Bell!
  38. Yes DCB.Powell and Peralta was founded by George Powell and Stacy Peralta in 1978.
  39. Very nice! Would love to see the rest of it.I would love to see the face.
  40. A photo of the movement(guts,inside)would be very helpful in determining the watch maker.With the photo someone on here may be able to help you. The writing you can barely see is most likely those of...
  41. Love the dragonfly!
  42. Lovely Watch!
  43. Wow & Wow!Very nice watch!
  44. Looks like the back unscrews this like will help you.
  45. Very nice watch! Is the case original? If so it could add to the value.
  46. My mistake Keven.
  47. Oh,and if you let Jason know where you live i'm sure he can point you to the right shop.
  48. I recently got a balance wheel fixed on a watch.The first thing i did was google watch shops in my area.I found one 30 mins. away.I called them and asked if they fix watches on site( make sure they r...
  49. It sure is a beauty Reis.Thank you for the love,and for looking. I know how you feel.My first year of skating was all hand me downs.Finally my mom started buying me boards when she had seen how much ...
  50. Great links jason!
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