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Your neighbor next door. Easy to get along with. Long time interest in all kinds of collectibles and various artifacts. Will share knowledge and learn as well.


Jug ID - Potteryin Pottery
Bronze Owl on a Feather - Pen Rest... Love this piece - Officein Office
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  1. Lady Head Vase, Napcoware most likely... price range 10 USD - 100 USD depending on who would want it, but most around $20 USD. It is listed in the Cole book as Napco.
  2. Antique-vintage-solid-brass-street-light Antique Talmadge design solid brass (75 pounds) Oak Park, Illinois street light from the late 1910's or early 1920's.
  3. well this looks promising Czech Glass ???????ANTONIN RÜCKL & SONS 1919-1939 bottom of page
  4. may be getting closer... most likely a moonshine jug
  5. Hmmm, thanks y'all for reviewing. Will take your thoughts and plow forward. Any new thoughts, please populate here.
  6. That is marvelous... now lots popped up.. e.g.,
  7. That link is an image search. I am very good at this computer thing, I believe. You will not have any issues with clicking it. Do not know how I can assure you any higher. Your choice of course. BUT T...
  8. sorry no real help but, take a look at this search I did and see if you see anything comparable
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my old comis from the 50 s and 60 s  some of them...


Vintage ladies head vases Query for a friend......What is it? Gorgeous Tall Heavy Red Glass Fan Vase - Art Deco or Tango 1920s A new collection GI Jjoe Action Marine Paratrooper Set #7705 1964 who is this cabbage patch kid Blue Art Glass Nymph


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