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South Central Alaska

I just like neat stuff, be it old and valuable or for all practical purposes--worthless, just so it's neat! I'll just have to find some neat stuff to post so you'll I just like neat stuff, be it old and valuable or for all practical purposes--worthless, just so it's neat! I'll just have to find some neat stuff to post so you'll know what I mean.... (Read more)


What exactly is this? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Hi Libertyship! Another viewer called stamprnut identified your poster: She says "the artist is Luxor Price. The piece is called The All Mother Goose Panorama. My parents had this piece and as a lit...
  2. (New comment--No... turned out I didn't make a comment at your J.W. Fiske terrarium.) The comment is about this Picture so I'll make it here: I love this picture and have been looking on Google image...
  3. See the comment I made at your J.W. Fiske terrarium.
  4. I lived in Pakistan in the mid 60's and this was the exact style of bike that you saw every where. 28" wheels, rod brakes, heavy steel frame. There were millions of zillions of them! India too. I ...
  5. Glass-blown scleral lenses remained the only form of contact lens until the 1930s when polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA or Perspex/Plexiglas) was developed, allowing plastic scleral lenses to be manufact...
  6. I could see a head housekeeper or butler keeping a liquor cabinet key on something like this and keeping it in a pocket.... but when in use, keeping on the wrist so there would be no chance of misplac...
  7. Found one on ebay: Wonderful chinese tibet bronze dragon statue.
  8. That's a real beauty. Wish I could figure out where the ground glass goes when it's folded. Obviously, the mirror folds up, the lens board folds in and stays parallel to the film plane, and the top...
  9. Still thinking about your beautiful poster. Jaro Hess is a possibility.
  10. Made in Vignate 1961-- Usato means used in Italian. I think it is an extended range (bass range) classical guitar. see:
  11. The 8 point star and overall appearance looks Arabic and the symbols could be Arabic calligraphy. Found in a waterfall? Maybe it's a murder weapon?
  12. These are a mystery to me. I can see they advertise. I can infer that the advertising is made from celluloid wrapped around something. But what is it wrapped around? Is it a metal box match holder...
  14. I had seen the movie and was astounded at the complex music Karas got out of the zither--thinking all zithers were alike (like you have pictured). Then I found out that he played one with FRETS--AHA,...
  15. Anton Karas Playing Third Man theme on a fretted Zither.
  16. I don't know about yours in particular but I bought a pair in about 1965 in Lahore Pakistan. They were brand new and inexpensive but oh so exotic looking. I would see people wearing them sometimes t...
  17. As soon as I saw this I thought "Jo Mora" He had several prints in a similar vein. Here is a link to one of them: If you go to Google Images and sea...
  18. All the lemon-lime sodas had "up" in there names! 7up, Bubble-up, Upper-ten, Up-Town--Can you think of any more?
  19. I was with a friend in Nashville eating at Tex Ritter's Superburger resturant when Tex came in. We got him to go out in the parking lot and autograph my friend's hippie VW microbus.
  20. I thought the image was beautiful--stunning in fact, and of such wonderful quality!--so I started looking. I am a nobody as far as art knowledge but after l...
  21. Is that a Moto Guzzi?
  22. I'd love to be able to read it! Dagwood's my favorite.
  23. Look at the fish lock on this page: Is this what it looks like assembled?
  24. I'm thinking a novelty "puzzle" or "trick" padlock (no key) BUT I've never seen one like that and I'd have to know how it went together.
  25. Just want to say that I wish everybody posted nice, sharp, crisp photos like yours.
  26. A wax seal stamp? As shown here?
  27. There is a picture exactly the same on the site Lit2Go Beta but I cannot make it open. SO! it is a book illustration.
  28. The House of the 7 Gables is a novel by Nathanial Hawthorne The title looks like an architect lettered it and the style is like an architectural ren...
  29. What does it say? Too blurry to make out the letters.
  30. Have no idea how to delete.
  31. How bout that yogabluefish? A whole page of the straight scoop! Thanks retroechoes!
  32. yogabluefish, It is very slightly different than the cover of roll-stone--Probably had a motor drive on camera and took several in quick succession. @retroechoes --I looked after I spoke: and saw yo...
  33. The poster is from a photo by John Launois. Here is a site made by Launois's son which has a contact link--I recomend asking his son about the poster.
  34. I don't know if comment #1 is legit or not. What looks like damage looks to me like confetti and is part of the picture. And the horizontal and vertical lines look like damage.... but on closer exam...
  35. Eureka! I saw your mandolin and new it was old and really very nice but not a master's quality type instrument and have spent the last 3 hours searching google to track it down. Why? I love mysteri...
  36. I hope this link works for you. It won't ID it for you but it will show you how vast the possibilities are. Kay, Stella, Airline, Harmony, Silvertone Valco, Sovereign, Regal.... http://www.thegea...
  37. As I am NOT positive it is a Kay, I hesitated to say anything, but more knowledgeable eyes will help. Don't know how to identify year.
  38. Not Gibson or Epiphone. It has faux wood grain figuring on the back and looks like a less expensive brand--perhaps a Kay. Looks like its in good shape though and Kay made a nice sounding instrument ...
  39. I have one of those! And it runs and cools well. The lid and side door are there but the bottle opener, inside mechanism and outside coin machine are not there. Wish I knew what to ask for it.
  40. Is it a 24 hour watch (military time)? I ask because the faces are not where the hours should be. Rather the ear is at the top of the hour and there are 24 ears!
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Rare Beatles "London 1964" wall banner


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