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  1. That top piece is so weird though hergrower
  2. AnythingObscure, I agree..it is way cool. I think it must be handmade herbgrower
  3. blunderbuss2, I didn't even know there was an Ascension Day and I'm a Christian herbgrower
  4. shareurpassion Perhaps . I guess about anything is possible it seems. Thank your so much for your response Herbgrower
  5. Keramikos & Kivatinitz So many thanks to you both. Herbgrower
  6. Maybe 4 cigarette papers? Or like you said just to sit up and look at as a trinket box? Herb grower
  7. Keramikos, The INSIDE measurements are: Lid - top to bottom ( height) - 1.7462 centimeters Body below the lid - top to bottom - ...
  8. Well you all are very good! This is so interesting. I've got some researching to do! Herbgrower
  9. Kivatinitz, Thank you Herbgrower
  10. Keramikos Thank you for this It helps me know a a great deal more than I did ! Herbgower
  11. Hi Kivatinitz, 2 inches wide 3 inches tall Please explain Carmen and Bizet Opera Merci
  12. mp.kunst Thank you very much. I'll look at those links Herbgrower
  13. Gillian & renedijkstra, I'll do some checking...thanks herbgrower
  14. renedijkstra, those are a little large! can you explain , when you get through playing? thanks Herbgrower
  15. tsitsa Thank you. I don;t need any other info right now, but you have shed a lot of light on this. sincerely, Herbgrower
  16. Hi, I can always count on answers from you all! Thanks fortapache, flashlarue and for the Loves..also to Toyrebel. Later Gater, Herbgrower
  17. flashlarue, Thanks What year would you estimate? Herbgrower
  18. Newfld Thanks for the "love" & comment I am pretty sure this ia a Dresden. I found a psir jut like mine on Ebay. It took me a long time becuase I wasn't decscribing it right! Am I allowed to show y...
  19. Hello, Well I lost one of these beautiful old Earrings! The jeweler said they were real Turquoise and 9K Herbgrower
  20. Thank you BlackWatch for your kind comment! Herbgrower
  21. also.. this is the most LOVES on any post of mine.... go America !!!!
  22. Thank you antiquerose and flashiarue ( love these names!!) I'll do some more research. If I ever I'D anyone I'll be sure to come back & let you all know Appreciative, Herbgrower
  23. Thank you TallCakes and Newfld. I wonder would there be anywhere I could post this so someone may recognize their loved one? There is an important story behind these faces for sure. Herbgrower
  24. Gillian Thank you Herbgrower
  25. Im sorry for the picture position Cant seem to change it Herbgrower
  26. shareurpassion Thanks for your time & help herbgrower
  27. shareurpassion, I found the artist! Woodruff Marbury Somervell (1872 - 1938) Woodruff Marbury Somervell was active/lived in Washington, New York, District Of Columbia / Canada, France. Woodruff S...
  28. Shareurpassion,4 Thanks.. will do that tomorrow. Do you know why the same # by the signature? Herbgrower
  29. thanks everyone
  30. Gillian Im looking...thx Herbgrower
  31. artfoot, Thank you very much. I don't know how I ever would have found that I was searching but having no success. .Herb grower
  32. Olofz, Makes sense...thanks you've been a huge help Herbgrower
  33. OlofZ Thanks...I see.....now..here I go again....what about the X459 ?? Herbgrower who says this is my final question!!
  34. Olofz, How do you get 1947? Herbgrower
  35. Olofz, Wow! Appreciate your reply. This group has helped me so much! Regards, Herbgrower
  36. Efesgirl, Thanks I'm planning on that next week herbgrower
  37. ok cindyjune I'll do that thanks herbgrower
  38. thank you cindyjune Do you know the name of them? Herbgrower
  39. Thanks for the advice & correction. I'll research that name Herbgrower
  40. Hey Gillian, I appreciate the input. Good to hear from you Herbgrower
  41. Thank you fhrjr2. This and another paper were behind a painting to hold it in the frame. Just happened to take it apart & found the newspapers Herbgrower
  42. Thanks melaniej ! Herbgrower
  43. giddythrong, What is "moderately valuable" ? Herbgrower
  44. Thanks SEAN68
  45. Thank You lizzycbw, All this input is wonderful to hear. The 'Lamp' is being enjoyed by me anyway.....but sometimes it's fun knowing what you have Herbgrower
  46. Okay thank you for your input Herbgrower
  47. Maryh1956 Thank you for your input so do you have any idea of the possible value Thanks Herbgrower
  48. Yes I am sure there were. It would be nice to know if this is a rock or a tooth or a tool! Herbgrower
  49. Its pretty big for a tooth I think. I's hate to run into that mouth! Thank you root Herbgrower
  50. OK Scot Thank you Herbgrower
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Footed Clear casket Box early 20th Century Solid Wooden Bookcase Storage Glass Doors Front Furniture Piece Pretty Limoges Porcelain Box WWII Photo of 5 Men and a Military Patch Need ID of Year Time & Patch Name Mummified Skull Can You Guess What It Is? JAZZ OIL PAINTING M. HAROLD My Nakamura Hochu  dahlia print The work table:  If any of you have any  information such as style, era, description, would be appreciated. TIA Making my old Oil lamp into an Electric Lamp Stained Glass Hanging Lamp Florida Room Furniture set


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