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2 pencil ? Or charcoal paintings by Marburg Sowerwell - Fine Artin Fine Art
KPM German Bowl with Green Markings could use help in ID  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Brass (?) Lamp Ornate Need ID PLease - Lampsin Lamps
Clown Collection Identifying  - Figurinesin Figurines
Silver Mark L & H De Lux on Sterling Candlestick - Silverin Silver
2 emerald green vases one with Mark on bottom - Glasswarein Glassware
Sterling (?) Tray 14" Round with Hallmarks - Silverin Silver
Vintage robin egg blue Persian turquoise 9 karat gold earrings Maybe - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vintage Set of Colored cut to clear tumblers - Glasswarein Glassware
Painting by Eric Sloane (or not??) - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. shareurpassion Thanks for your time & help herbgrower
  2. shareurpassion, I found the artist! Woodruff Marbury Somervell (1872 - 1938) Woodruff Marbury Somervell was active/lived in Washington, New York, District Of Columbia / Canada, France. Woodruff S...
  3. Shareurpassion,4 Thanks.. will do that tomorrow. Do you know why the same # by the signature? Herbgrower
  4. thanks everyone
  5. Gillian Im looking...thx Herbgrower
  6. artfoot, Thank you very much. I don't know how I ever would have found that I was searching but having no success. .Herb grower
  7. Olofz, Makes sense...thanks you've been a huge help Herbgrower
  8. OlofZ Thanks...I see.....now..here I go again....what about the X459 ?? Herbgrower who says this is my final question!!
  9. Olofz, How do you get 1947? Herbgrower
  10. Olofz, Wow! Appreciate your reply. This group has helped me so much! Regards, Herbgrower
  11. Efesgirl, Thanks I'm planning on that next week herbgrower
  12. ok cindyjune I'll do that thanks herbgrower
  13. thank you cindyjune Do you know the name of them? Herbgrower
  14. Thanks for the advice & correction. I'll research that name Herbgrower
  15. Hey Gillian, I appreciate the input. Good to hear from you Herbgrower
  16. Thank you fhrjr2. This and another paper were behind a painting to hold it in the frame. Just happened to take it apart & found the newspapers Herbgrower
  17. Thanks melaniej ! Herbgrower
  18. giddythrong, What is "moderately valuable" ? Herbgrower
  19. Thanks SEAN68
  20. Thank You lizzycbw, All this input is wonderful to hear. The 'Lamp' is being enjoyed by me anyway.....but sometimes it's fun knowing what you have Herbgrower
  21. Okay thank you for your input Herbgrower
  22. Maryh1956 Thank you for your input so do you have any idea of the possible value Thanks Herbgrower
  23. Yes I am sure there were. It would be nice to know if this is a rock or a tooth or a tool! Herbgrower
  24. Its pretty big for a tooth I think. I's hate to run into that mouth! Thank you root Herbgrower
  25. OK Scot Thank you Herbgrower
  26. Hey, I'll look this up. Thank you Deltab herbgrower
  27. thanks nutsabotas6
  28. Me too Efesgirl!! thanks
  29. Hopefully better pictures today Herbgrower
  30. thanks fortapache!
  31. Yes Celiene I was having a hard time with photos today. I will post more tomorrow. Appreciate your interest Herbgrower
  32. Thanks vetraio50!
  33. Ok thanks to you Efesgirl. Herbgrower
  34. Thanks for the info & 'Loves'! Now to research Rock Crystal Herbgrower
  35. Thank you Efesgirl!
  36. Hi, I made another post called "More Jewelry Eye Candy" Herbgrower
  37. Hey, Thanks for the good word! I'll show some of the pictures that I have taken so far There is one really pretty Carolee look like Crystal necklace that I will show you Herbgrower Herbgrower
  38. Thanks racer4four & Kyratango ! Herbgrower Posts 213 Loves 1000+ Likes 10 Collections amazing Animals art nouveau arts and crafts jewellery asian BLUE! carved beads...
  39. thanks vetraio50!
  40. Thank you bancroftr35. That should not have happened. I appreciate you telling me about your Father. At least now I know the person who invented this tool & maybe some recognition for him will result....
  41. That's great bancroftr35. What is your Father's name? Have you seen any of these around in a while? This one is in NC Herbgrower
  42. Thanks blunderbuss2! quick as usual Herbgrower
  43. I have never got so many 'loves' Thanks! Herbgrower
  44. They are very nice. I had never seen any of these before! They are obviously very special Herbgrower
  45. fortapache, Thank you very much for the beautiful Recollection madrid candle stick holders! How fun this was! Herbgrower
  46. Thanks racer4four!
  47. thanks TubeAmp
  48. That was really quick! Thx TallCakes
  49. Really? I am speechless! I'll email you fortapache Herbgrower
  50. ! Herbgrower
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