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  1. Jebus...this is too much!!!
  2. In addition to being MONT they also happen to be mint. HA
  3. Thanks! Yes that is a MONT, zero tool marks, First gen unstamped Tuf Neck, Freewheel Motomags.I am still goofy in awe EVERYDAY of this find!
  4. Uhhh The love?
  5. ABSOLUTELY! Either link here or shoot them to cracklarock@gmail.com! Also here is a link to a Mongoose FS 1 restoration blog i am following. I just picked up a lavender one a couple days ago. In amazi...
  6. I'd also wager that the chain guard sold by itself to put on to a boys bike would far exceed what you may have paid for the complete bike.
  7. I would guess CWC made Roadmaster bike. Then sold to and badged as a Shapleigh's.
  8. +1 for Irish Mail Cart.
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my barn find. no idea what it is? 1980 SE RACING FLOVAL FLYER bmx racing cruiser 1983 VDC RACING CRUISER voris dixon