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Barrie Ontario, Canada

I am an Artist, and collector of antique lumber, and so much more. I will be posting some very unique items that I get in large loads, and will need some help to idI am an Artist, and collector of antique lumber, and so much more. I will be posting some very unique items that I get in large loads, and will need some help to identify items that I have no knowledge about. But will learn very fast. D www.untiqued.com (Read more)


  1. Sweet! Huge help, look ford to me too, but so much new stuff, hard to know and get pictures of everything. Thank you, pre 40s I love just to hang in man cave..ME
  2. It is mint!
  3. Here are a couple more pictures?
  4. Thank you, there are so many here that I have no clue what they are from. I'll add more. ME
  5. I'm not sure of the value of this set of insulators? I'm sure somewhere along the road I will find a collector that is interested in expanding his collection. Until then I will keep adding to the set...
  6. Perfect, you answered the mystery for me. Thank you for the link, exactly what I was looking for. These are pink, and I'm sure not the new version, at least now I know the name and can show the lin...
  7. I just added a couple new photos, it is so intricate the design on this chandelier. Nice scroll work, and leaves on the top of every arm. It is a 6 arm, and 12 lights. Found some on ebay, but nothi...
  8. Wow! Very nice find. Good luck to find these treasures around here unless you travel the antique malls, and would be heavy retail. I love all unique items, could never be a cookie cutter retailer...
  9. Some of these lures are still very useable, but I think I will make an Art piece. They are all hanging from a 2 handed pull saw on my back deck, and have already created interest from a customer that...
  10. My labor found it on the side of the road on his way to work. I've been trying to find one that matches to price it, but only find similar items, but not 6 arm, and 12 lights. I just replaced the bul...
  11. Yes it is Spanish, I just found so similar to what is here. Thank you, very great advise to get the key word to find what I have. :-). ME
  12. I will try to add new photos as it progresses. It is very cool pice, I'm so luckey to acquire these beautiful treasures. ME
  13. I think I have an original manual for this machine, I'll have to check the bag that came with my model. Nice piece! Seems everyone is using these for the bases to make tables these days. It's a sh...
  14. You are so right! Great to be able to see the next Trent, and know the 30 year turnover. I'm so suppressed every day when people come to purchase material for DIY as to what they choose, and the am...
  15. Internet was slow and I double clicked. I removed one of the posts. Sorry about that. I have just the one, but more on the way. ME
  16. They do clean up great! I have several here and do finish some of them. Nice find. ME
  17. You do have some great glass! I just started and love it all! ME
  18. Thank you, you were a big help. I'll use this tool for all the ones I have now, and so many more that are still here hiding. ME
  19. I agree, there should be a wood category. Sometimes when you can't find your treasures VIA internet, it's because as soon as they are posted for sale, they get snagged up. Means it is a unique rare ...
  20. I would love to see them, wish you could add photos to mine, to show your items that match mine! I will submit a request to have this site changed to allow this type of action. Please post, and I wi...
  21. I will post a picture of the back of the post card. I had copies to customers that like this picture. They sign the back and give it to their kids that cause trouble. Lucky we done live in those da...
  22. Seems I can't add pictures here unless I start a new show and tell. I will now, but one picture didn't take too well. D
  23. Thank you, they do look so much like his Art, and the frame matches as well. Just initials on mt paintings, I'll have to take a better look! :-)
  24. I framed them yesterday and hung them in the washroom. No chance for the moisture from the shower to ruin them. All copper. D
  25. That sounds very cool, please post a photo when you create it. It will be a unique piece of Art. I made a wall piece using old rusty golf clubs, and it is a very popular inspiring piece. D
  26. Perfect! You are exactly right. I had one here before the other full sets came, and had no clue. ME
  27. I have posted some pictures on sale sites, and am amazed at the response for vintage electronics. Even just for parts...etc...so much of the past systems have become very collectable. This is all ne...
  28. Quarter cut rocker, I have one here too in need of repair, but beautiful pice.
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my old trunk


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