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small jug - Potteryin Pottery
telephone sign - Telephonesin Telephones
ox harness i guess - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
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  1. thanks for the info and it is keeped in a display box
  2. thanks guys,tom my grandfater was a smoker way back when.mabe ill try to clean them very carefully
  3. maybe i should punch holes in my money,it seems i have a hard time holding on to it also
  4. that is a realy cool old crutch ,it looks like someone went out back and found a strong branch and carved it up
  5. thanks aghcollect thats very cool i guess i should frame it
  6. yes its running and thanks bruce you do know yor clocks
  7. yep same bell
  8. thanks for the help
  9. thanks im told there is anouther one somewhere around the property so the hunt goes on
  10. thanks guys as i said i dont know alot about locks.i realy doesnt matter to me if it is old but i find it intersting that i found it in my grandfathers storage room in his 80 years old house in a bo...
  11. thanks scott
  12. thanks i belive you are right on the money
  13. guess it did have a external hard drive,but a great battery life.if it was used in a school im sure its seen a virus or two
  14. thanks i never heard of a banner stone.just looked them up and didnt realy see anything that looked like these but they seem to be all kinds of shapes.pretty cool
  15. its about 3.5 across never heard of a bee cage
  16. i have to agree,i figured something like that
  17. there is no doubt it is made of rock
  18. you are dead on thanks so much
  19. gee guys yall had some fun with that one.thanks for the help i missed that one by a mile huey rich va
  20. i looked that up it dosnt apear to be,but good guess.i kinda thought it might be for sewing up burlap bags.or maybe something to do with leather
  21. thanks guys ill check it out a little closer but dont think there any carvings
  22. had to paint the hardware and drip pan and lining were rusted with holes so i just primed and painted them all.turned out ok i just use it for a wine cabinet
  23. thanks that would make sense ,we had a family store dating back to tha 1890,s
  24. thanks guys i kinda thought i t might be a bank of some sort its cool looking but has no marks on it .got any idea of value?
  25. have not found a name anywhere on it .it does have some realy cool grains in the wood even on the sides
  26. the clock is 14.5 wide and 36 in tall with GILBERT written on face also made in winsted conn usa thanks huey
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MC DONALDS ADVERTISEMENT TIN Tokheim Gas Pump...Texaco Theme and Eco Air Meter 1930's Frank Betz Co. "WHITECRAFT" medical cabinet Shell Porcelain Sign...42 Inch...Double Sided...Two Colors...Dated 12-1929


hall tree