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Manila, Philippines

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These are the few of my favorite things: - violin (part of my life...hehehehe) - Orient food (Japanese, Korean and Chinese),Shin Ramen, Sushi, tempura, sashimi aThese are the few of my favorite things: - violin (part of my life...hehehehe) - Orient food (Japanese, Korean and Chinese),Shin Ramen, Sushi, tempura, sashimi and Curry. - kimchi and kimbap - Pattaya and Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai (Malaysian delicacy) - potato chips, kropeck and chocolates. - congee for breakfast - cultural studies and linguistics (korean) - collectibes (kewpie and ningyo..what is ningyo..google it) - coffee...frapp is the best...as always - comic books (MARVEL, DC, TOPCOW, ASPEN and of course...MANGA..) - strawberry milk, green tea - Smoothies - sunrise and sunset - jazz, chill out, house and lounge music - noh, kabuki and koto music - Cherry blossoms (Read more)


  1. I think I found the doll you are referring to... in my opinion I think this is depicting a "usual" Japanese woman.
  2. Also, making a business with dolls is definitely DIVINE and fun.
  3. Hello, I am glad I am helping you in my little ways. you are always welcome. I am aware that long time ago, most of the KABUKI plays are being done by MALE actors. Here is the link from wik...
  4. hello, no such thing as ignorance. We are ALL learning here. After searching and looking closely, and there is really no red ink (or faded) in the plaque, it is better that the doll might be sho...
  5. actually, where the black ink is written is the plaque (or board) I am referring to. The artists sometimes leaves his hanko signature there.
  6. Hmm... Actually, hanko inks are usually in red. I have a hanko in my home. I got that as one of souvenir when I went to Japan in year 2006 if you are referring to the 2 "Chinese-like characters" th...
  7. Lundy and vetraio50-- thank you so much for the "love it"
  8. The artist is usually printed at the mini wooden plaque near the food of the doll. It is in red ink since Japanese (or any orient) people rely on stamp pads. In Japan, they call those HANKO In Japa...
  9. The doll depicts a geisha playing with Tsuzumi The tsuzumi is a Japanese drum of Chinese/Indian origin. It consists of a wooden body shaped like an hourglass, and it is taut, with two drum heads wi...
  10. These are Kinekomi dolls and the three pictured are part of Hinamatsuri ensemble. Kimekomi dolls are made of wood. The ancestors of Kimekomi dolls are the Kamo ("willow-wood") dolls, small dolls ...
  11. These are inflatable dolls... I havent seen anything like this on ebay. With their size I am sure they will be a "gem" to any Sailormoon Collector
  12. the Next 2 pictures of the doll has a theme of FUJIMUSUME dance So what is the dance about? Well, it portrays the spirit of the wisteria as a fashionable young girl, extravagantly dressed in a lon...
  13. the first two pictures of the doll is a dance called SHIOKUMI Shiokumi - The dance is about the shiokumi Matsukaze, a "salt-scooper" who carries seawater for the purpose of making salt. The dol...
  14. the doll's theme is RENJISHI The theme of "Renjishi" stays close to that of the Nô play "Shakkyô", and it is classified as a matsubame dance. That is, a dance that's performed before the symbol...
  15. Hello, the doll's theme in the picture is what they call FUJIMUSUME or Wisteria Dance. So what is the dance about? Well, it portrays the spirit of the wisteria as a fashionable young girl, e...
  16. this is a korean doll... usually the face and hands are made of stuffed cloth. I have the same doll in my collection. The label on the right is a manufacturer's seal that it passed the quality requ...
  17. the piece is known as NANA MAIGASA-- NANA-= 7 GASA== parasols o hats...
  18. putting a value to this doll is indeed a challenge Miguel since I am no expert in pricing. but the sentimental value is priceless hehee
  19. You may try ebay Nan... I am pretty sure that with proper description these lovely dolls will be a treasure to a new collector but with their beauty.. I hope you would keep them.
  20. picture 2 is Yoshitsune- inamoto no Yoshitsune ( 1159 – June 15, 1189?) was a general of the Minamoto clan of Japan in the late Heian and early Kamakura period. Yoshitsune was the ninth son of Mina...
  21. to Vintagemad and lisa= thank you
  22. very well said vanskyock24
  24. thank you toolate2
  25. thank you toolate2
  26. Great Hakata Ninyo
  27. thank you thriftfan
  28. your doll wears a kimono seen in the heian era of Japan.
  29. Thank you Vesta..every corner of my house have dolls (except the bathroom nd the kitchen). Ill post more dolls soon.
  30. Thank you
  31. thank you Vestawind
  32. thank you Vestawind.. Wolcotti- i have no idea about their age since I am admiring their beauty. hehe I purchased this at flea market here in Manila
  33. simply WOW
  34. nice Samurai doll and hina dolls!!!
  35. See more


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