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Singer Combination Cabinet No.301 - Sewingin Sewing
Missing link in friction motor...what is it? - Sewingin Sewing
Need help with this old motor - Sewingin Sewing
Singer 99 with 1937 CNE badge - Sewingin Sewing


  1. Yes, that is the ISMACS picture of the table, but what type of knee bar is depicted? I know it is an artistic rendition so it may not be accurate but it does not look like the straight type or the ? t...
  2. Yes, I was thinking one of those straight bars would fit. Maybe this is why this table was produced for only a short time? When Singer switched from the straight bar to the question mark shaped bar, t...
  3. The hole at the front in the pics is for the drawer key. The only way to get the bar in the rheostat hole is to maneuver it in behind the front skirt in a space that is about 3" wide...this shape bar ...
  4. Thanks DobbinDee. Likely the only way I will find that little junction piece is by finding a whole motor/foot controller with one still attached. Luckily the hunting is part of the fun with this hobby...
  5. Actually that would be quite useful information...especially if it had that same little circular junction. Thanks!
  6. Thanks DobbinDee but shipping an issue for trying to buy the whole motor kit as I am in Canada. These motor kits weigh a fair bit so it would add quite a bit to the price to sent it northward...
  7. I am keeping the old Singer motor and foot pedal on this machine as they are so cool and add to it's appeal for me. I just want to get rid of the wad of electrical tape at that does not ...
  8. Another thought is to change the wiring so I don't need that junction? The ad I just posted shows no junction...the junction seems to have been wired into the foot controller?
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