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Antique Vintage Old Wall Hanging Horse Electric Bulb Bronze Lamp Vintage Antique Ancient lost - wax technique Rare Dhokra Dokra Jewelry Relic Locket Pendant Vintage Old Ancient Indian Tying Thread Scriptures Type Blank Book with Dried Leaf Vintage Antique Deer Face Wood Carved Walking Cane Stick Vintage Ancient Mughal Broken Silver Relic Taweez Locket Pendant Vintage Antique Tibetan Sacred Amulet Brass and Coral Locket Pendant Necklace Vintage Ancient Hand Carved Hindu Temple Art Type Two Head in Single Wood Slab Pole Sculpture Figure Unknown Mysterious Coil Disk Wings Experimental Research or Spiritual Rare Copper Oil Lamp Original Real Silver Coated Brass Divine Relic Akhand Jyoti Diya Deepak Oil Lamp Ancient Mysterious Termite or Ant Hole Fossils Rock Stone Vintage Old Strange Jewelry Designed Faberge type Easter Copper Egg Vintage Ancient Antique Type Strange Mysterious Old Metal Key ??? British India 1943 Punjab National Bank Limited High Value Rs 221000 Rupees Two Lac Twenty One Thousand Vintage Old Cheque Kalpa Vigraha 26450 BC Years Old !? is it Real Mystery ? or Hoax ??