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Looking for a buyer of this extremely rare toy


some more uncut precious mountain gems? anyone know what these are, they have a glint/sheen when the light hits them cont.  
homer laughlin georgian egg shell 1945 is it 22k gold plated/filled what factory ? - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
galleon sailing ship 10" X 5.5" X 3.75" solid brass foot stool, steping stool???? 


  1. *will i be able to cut one with the right bit or do i need to use my full out bench grinder with a special blade?
  2. Here are some more im going to try my hand a cutting one of them i have a nice flex shaft [i just say dremel cuz most people are like "a what" ] any way if i get the correct bit I'll be able to at lea...
  3. Sweet! Haven't had any luck moving mine :-[ think im about to put it on my etsy store for $40, i did dig up a 1938-1939 Judy Ann usa story book doll i forgot i had its on there (my etsy store) some he...
  4. Wow can't believe you found one TA that's awesome! As usual my item isn't as rare as i thought, oh well ill keep trying so we know what it is who made it and when ?
  5. Well...tho this is cool....i believe it to only be worth around $20 :-( i could be wrong it could be a rare date for this item im not sure...still waiting for some help thanks
  6. Yup that's what i did earlier after tubeamp suggested thats what it may be, horses all kinds of stuff makes me wonder if there all 1 of a kind by 1 artist ?
  7. That is very true, I've been doing some "surf-esearchingra" <( LOL just made that up, mabey it'll catch on ) anyway and yeah seen some that definitely are same maker but different designs (none as coo...
  8. I was thinking the same thing seems like brass would melt if exposed to fire due to its low melting point and it definitely doesnt have any smoke damage etc.
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Great Grandmother's Birthstone Ring