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Hi all. Just registered today and am glad I came across this site. I'm in central virginia. my interests mainly lie in anything Mid Century. I especially love ItaliHi all. Just registered today and am glad I came across this site. I'm in central virginia. my interests mainly lie in anything Mid Century. I especially love Italian and scandinavian art pottery and Murano art glass. (Read more)


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Vintage bobble chime made in Russia 
Lacquerware covered bowl of unknown origin. - Kitchenin Kitchen
What is this?  - Art Decoin Art Deco
Is this Aseda glass? It looks similar to another piece I used to have. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Large trophy style goblet unknown maker - Glasswarein Glassware
Sterling silver Jewel Art screw back little rose earrings - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Anybody know what these are besides Geckos? - Silverin Silver
Modern Mid century design art Pendant. Who made? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
I found this beautiful blue vase today. - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Mod 1972 mushrooms spoon rest. - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. I'm using my phone and I just saw the pictures that I posted earlier today. Wow! They are BIG!! Guess I'll have to down size them some next time.
  2. Like a diet ice cream server lol. Thanks though.
  3. I think it's rather small for ice cream. I thought maybe it was a small condiment server or for spooning salt and pepper or something like that. But I'm not sure. Don't think it's for ice cream though...
  4. I'll tell you it looks like a Murano piece and quite a large one. Where did you find it? I've seen a lot of this type of glass and that is a typical style meaning the shape and the gold aventurine. I ...
  5. Oh! and thank you so much for the loves Efesgirl, racer4four and Newtimes
  6. Yea I just found a link to a site that said they started in November 1946. that link to the ebay listing ,those earrings have an extra set of petals. Mine are not damaged so maybe just a different set ?
  7. These pictures remind me of when I was traveling with my sister and nephew in Virginia and we stopped in a town called Crewe and they have this little train museum and outside they have this old steam...
  8. Where is that shop located at because I want to shop there!? Very cool style. the the quadrapod legs are pretty great.
  9. Hi everyone! Thanks for the loves aghcollect and vetraio50. I've been searching since I got home and posted this earlier. I have not found anything yet and I have a feeling that with the multitude of ...
  10. Is this brass on the inside? It looks like cloisonne.
  11. That is a beautiful vase. What is the lettering on the inside of the vase?
  12. I'm the one that should be jealous. I've seen your collection. lol you have too many, or not enough maybe? I got lucky finding mine for what I paid for it.
  13. Thanks for the loves to you all!!
  14. No not an expert have done some research about "Taxco" and how the silver smithing got started back in the 1920's. There is some information on the web about certain jewelry smiths but between Willia...
  15. checking back If anyone knows anything at all about this please share your wisdom. By the way thankyou for the loves ho2cultcha, racer4four, What do you race? And others much appreciation for the inte...
  16. Really loving that ring. Ill post some of mine in the near future. I guess Iv'e got around 100 pieces or so. native american, taxco some nice gemstone stuff. I really love sterling jewelry. That one t...
  17. Thanks for the loves all. If there are any mystery lover sout there tha knows more than Ido by all means. sorry baout my typing a little celebration befor christmas. Cheers TO all and MERRY XMAS!!
  18. Thanks for the loves and the intel. on the knife. I never would have guessed that one. Merry xmas
  19. Do you still have this chair.? I think it's fabulous. Did you ever reupholster it?
  20. Always loved the late 50's big fin Chryslers and Desoto's Iconic designs that still get my blood pumpin. And being Christine is an added bonus.
  21. No. Not at all. What i meant was that it resembled jasper ware because of the white embossing on the side of the one pitcher. I had never before seen one like that and it just reminded me of that. How...
  22. Love the large one from what I know most of the ones i have seen are from england and of the victorian era altho i have seen older ones as well. Haven't seen the wedgewood looking white embossed one b...
  23. thanks for the loves. I'm a hippie from way back and love this sort of stuff.
  24. My brother told me they were popular a few years back. I just thought they were colorful and different.
  25. Thank you to all who helped.
  26. Information i have gotten so far suggest that one, Elbee, was made by the Fanciullacci factory. However other information is that they are two different factories. Thus the reason for my need to be su...
  27. Yea thank you for the information during my searching I came across this
  28. Thank you for the loves and coment. Just registered this evening. was looking for more info. about this piece and manufacturing history of Elbee and Fanciullacci.
  29. It looks like Italian Murano Empoli glass Mid century. What happened to that last post?
  30. rano Empoli glass. Mid century
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Boomerang shaped large art glass bowl Amber dessert dish? Mid century sideboard Beautiful Blue vase with gold flecks Handpainted Kissing Fish Candleholder U.S. Air Force Photo Poster - "B-58 Hustler" Arts and Crafts Opal and Silver Ring Trying to identify this chair! 1958 Christine Plymouth Jungle Jim Liberman models Copper Luster Pitcher - large My big green monster BOHEMIAN  RAINBOW GLASS 3 MOUTHED VASE


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