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Franciscan Ashtray - can anyone provide any information - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Skrdlovice? Can anyone help? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Anyone any ideas who this green cased vase might be by? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Mystery thick ribbed cased red dish - Art Glassin Art Glass
Is this a piece of Scandinavian glass - can anyone id? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano?  Can anyone help identify this small triple sommerso vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Old Piece of Silvertone Metal Costume Jewellery - Anyone any ideas? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Czech glass ashtray - is it a piece of Skrdlovice - Art Glassin Art Glass
Anyone any ideas about this little textured glass candle holder - Art Glassin Art Glass
Can anyone help with this piece of (probably) mid-century Italian Pottery - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Thanks - great site and I've already spent a number of happy hours going through the pattern books. I may have a match in the 1956 book and have managed to get a clip of it. I've changed one of my i...
  2. Thanks - yes I tried Andromeda but wrong size and not 'twisted' enough. I'll keep searching
  3. Many thanks. I gave the piece to my brother as a Christmas present as he had decided after seeing it he would enjoy collecting glass if this is what could be found. I told him at the time it was pro...
  4. Hi. After some digging around I found some references to mid-century Murano being made from uranium glass. I know not conclusive in any way, but when I've shone a UV light on the vase I am getting t...
  5. Hi. Do you have a local auction house? That's probably the best place to get the pieces evaluated and valued. I personally think the vase could be Murano. The flat polished base looks right. Howe...
  6. Thanks for everyone's help so far. Flavio Poli - now that would be a find! I'll just have to keep on looking and maybe one day soon will find the answer. It really does look well designed and made ...
  7. Hi. Thanks for the comments. I've uploaded a few images of the base to photobucket and you can see the links below. I've not come across Norvica before. Not sure if they've reached the UK yet but ...
  8. Thanks - I'll start down the Blenko route
  9. That is brilliant information and clears any confusion (on my part anyway). Thank's for finally solving the 'problem' of my little candle holder. 'Mystery' glass may be infuriating, but it's so sati...
  10. verretcheque - it's a fabulous piece of work. One of my 'bibles'. Also many many thanks to tigerchips - great research
  11. And then once you type in the right search enquiry, the answers come in (use google translate - it's all in Czech)
  12. Wow - thanks for that. I'd discounted that design because the only examples I'd seen were circular not square and on the Marcus Newhall CD referred to in the blog link you sent me (I also have his bo...
  13. Thanks for the generous offer, but I'll keep hold of it for now or at least until I've found out it's origin. That may take some time, but i'm certain the information is out there somewhere.
  14. When I found it (in a charity shop in Yorkshire) and picked it up, my immediate thought was Czech - and at £1.50 (about $2) what a bargain. It looked right and felt right. That's what I love (and ge...
  15. Hi. This is probably a stupid question but with so little known about Japanese glass can it be dated?
  16. Really good forum and really glad I joined - Karen - agree with everyone - looking at your posts & images of glass - brilliant stuff - are you considering writing a book or have you written one? It w...
  17. I've just found this with a sticker - no photo of the base unfortunately.
  18. Hi. My first post on this forum so I hope I get it all right. You've got some great Japanese items and hope you might be able to confirm this vase I found in the UK as also being Sanyu. It measures...
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Franciscan Ashtray - can anyone provide any information