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Favorite California Packer jars  - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. $.52 well spent!
  2. I think this is a modern jar sold for decorative purposes by Pier One or World Market (or similar).
  3. Hi, I'd really like to see a few more pictures of this jar - base and mouth mostly. My first inclination is that it's the real thing & would be worth something in the $200 range. However, modern rep...
  4. Not much is known about the Standard Mason, manufacturer is unknown. The smooth lip indicates it's machine made, so probably from the early 1900's. From my own experience, they seem to be more commo...
  5. CrystalM, please post a photo of your jar and start a new thread with your question. I'm sure someone can give you an answer!
  6. Took me a while to see the bees, what an ingenious design! Love it!
  7. Your jar is listed in Redbook 12 as #1183, and priced at $10,000 and up. It would be worthwhile to find the correct stopper for it!
  8. These boxes were never wrapped in plastic originally. Many collectors wrap their boxes, some use a shrink-wrap which I don't personally recommend. Acid-free plastic is preferable. Wrapping prevents...
  9. Fruit jars with this embossing were made for about 60 years, by many different glass houses. Up until about 1900 (give or take a bit, depending on maker) they were made by hand & have a ground lip & ...
  10. This jar was made in Redkey Indiana from 1897 to the early 1900s by the Redkey Glass Works. Your example appears to be a nice deep aqua in color with very strong embossing. My guess it would bring $...
  11. These are very common Kerr jars. The little numbers in the threads indicate date of manufacture, so this jar was made in March of 1944.
  12. These appear to be somewhat collectable for a beginning collector. The Knox half gallon & maybe the square Ball Perfect Mason (looks to have some color?) would be the only ones worth more than a buck...
  13. These jars once contained Classico Pasta Sauce. "Atlas Mason" debossed (not embossed) on 2 sides and measurements also debossed on 2 sides.
  14. Swayzee's jars are often found in varying shades of blue to green. Your jar appears to be on the green side with a nice intensity of the color. Streaks of amber are not uncommon. It might be easier...
  15. Your jar is most likely a coffee jar, the smooth side for the application of a paper label. These jars are generally a little larger than a quart, holding about 40 oz. liquid measure. The mouth open...
  16. The Hero Fruit Jar Co. used this embossing in the late 1800s. However, this jar is a smooth lip, and the cross is a little "off". Combine that with the lack of wear on the base and the color is a li...
  17. The AHK stands for Alexander Hewitt Kerr, the founder of the Kerr Glass Co.
  18. Made circa 1920s by the Hazel-Atlas Glass Co.
  19. This lid is not original to this jar. That being said, the jar is likely a product jar of some sort, maybe as early as the 1930s or as late as the 1970s. Is there a design patent number on the base?...
  20. Sadly, not much information is known on this jar, since there are no distinguishing marks. About all we can tell is that it is probably early 20th century since it is a smooth lip.
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Mason jar American flag Ball's last wax sealing fruit jar unknown Mountain Mason jar A. Stone Food Jar recovered from an 1861 Civil War soldier's hut


Early Green Lightning Putnam Fruit Jar