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St. George, Utah

We collect Fenton and also Cherished Teddies. We are both musicians, so anything music is also up our alley.


Newly aquired very nice decanter with stopper - Art Glassin Art Glass
My New Pride And Joy Crystal Tumbler - Glasswarein Glassware
Iridescent Star Dish - Art Glassin Art Glass
Blue Carnival Glass Goblets - Glasswarein Glassware
Horse Statue made of stone - Animalsin Animals
Pink and blue glass - Glasswarein Glassware
Hawaiian Souvenir Elephant - Animalsin Animals
Vintage Mystery Vase - Potteryin Pottery


  1. This looks like Kemple presscut glass.
  2. It looks like it says Colonial on the Trademark on the back of your platter.
  3. According to the mark you described, it would be made by Westmoreland Glass Co.
  4. This is called a kidney kneehole desk. Under that white paint is mahogany wood just as beautiful as the top. Many would say this is from the "Chippendale" Era, and very probably made in England. This ...
  5. This knife you have was made in the mid 1960s, and the darkness of the metal on the blade suggests that it is carbon steel (a good thing). I wouldn't clean it either if you plan to keep it as a collec...
  6. This looks like a Chippendale piece. Most likely made in England.
  7. I have a set of these. Mine are vintage Weidlich Bros. (W B Mfg. Co.) Salt & Pepper Shakers, and the mark on mine is on the bottom of the base, and I had to use a jeweler's loop to make it out. They a...
  8. This looks to me like a German made piece. I think it may be the bottom part of a tumble up bed set. I have one made by KPM, but the decor on mine is very gaudy. Just a thought.
  9. This piece would have had a glass hurricane lamp type of insert that went inside the middle of the white collar. It is an oil lamp. The depression part on the one side was sometimes used for holding p...
  10. This is a wonderful Haviland two tier tidbit bowl. It's a beauty!
  11. Check out Abingdon Pottery. This looks like one to me. They made lots of pieces with "pleats" or textured edges, and in early pieces, some had marks in the mold. It's worth a try!
  12. This was made by Jean Pouyet Limoges Company in France. Thjis mark was used between 1841 and sometime around 1910.
  13. Thanks TallCakes!
  14. This is an Arnart piece. Arnart was a Japanese import company that often tried to imitate Kalk Porcelain from Germany. Yours is an Arnart, and dates in the 1960s. Very nice piece!
  15. If it is, they stopped in 1972, so it would be at least that old.
  16. Try looking up Royal Kroninklijke Goedewaagen. That's what this looks like to me.
  17. Where I live in Utah, these typically sell for around $50 at antique stores.
  18. This is a vintage Viking Glass candy dish. It was made in the late 60s-early 70s. It's a beauty.
  19. This is made of mahogany.
  20. This is made by Teleflora. They look like Fenton, but are not. These are very beautiful nonetheless. Lots of floral shops would buy these to have an elegant vase for less cost. I have two just like it...
  21. This is Anchor Hocking and Indiana Glass.
  22. Most of these vases look like some that Viking made. The one in the middle could be Westmoreland. Some call them swung vases, others call them bud vases.
  23. The darker blue piece you have is a Viking piece. The green one looks like Westmoreland, and the other two could very well be Fenton.
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