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Kitchener, Ontario

I started collecting Spode reproduction pieces of Victorian era dinnerware. Next I started replacing all my plastic with vintage pyrex, refrigerator dishes and mixinI started collecting Spode reproduction pieces of Victorian era dinnerware. Next I started replacing all my plastic with vintage pyrex, refrigerator dishes and mixing bowls, etc. Then I stumbled onto depression glass which paved the way to EAPG, a term still fairly new to me. I have a particular affinity for chunky flat tumblers from the 70's. (Read more)


  1. Thank you TallCakes! Too bad they aren't selling on that website at the moment. Still a good reference.
  2. I wish I'd worn it to see how it naturally shined, but what's done is done. Thanks for your comments valentino97.
  3. shareurpassion, I'm glad you told me about holding onto a cleaning cloth and that it gets better with use. Thanks.
  4. Hi valentino97, I take everything an ebay seller says with a grain of salt, but this person does sound legit. Point taken about posting everything I know when I make a post. I think I was just focused...
  5. Thank you kyratango, valentino97! I'm learning a lot from you guys. If I try the egg trick I will post the results. Why are you guys so sure it's not trench art? The only reason I suggested this wa...
  6. p.s. I've settled on native american/petrified wood, mostly because of what I find on ebay, but I realize they could be mislabeled.
  7. Hi Gillian, there are really two questions 1. is this native american, mexican (originally I thought it was Indian, as in South Asian :) 2. what is the stone
  8. This looks similar to me too.
  9. Thanks for the links Gillian! This ring was advertised as petrified wood. I don't have any way of knowing for sure.
  10. Thanks for your input Gillian. I feel like I'm never going to be sure! I think this setting looks to be very similar style.
  11. valentino97 we are going down a rabbit hole! hahaha.
  12. I have found some similar stones and settings online, and I agree it's either native american or it's mexican. I tend to think it's petrified wood, based on similar items I see online, but who's to sa...
  13. Here's the ring :)
  14. Thanks for your comment Pebble. It's really nice to hear your thoughts. haha shareurpassion, I think I followed everything. I have room for one more pic on this post. I could add the cleaned ring. ...
  15. truthordare, it's interesting to learn a vermeil finish would be the reason for the discoloring- I wondered. Thank you for responding and sharing your knowledge.
  16. Thank you maryh1926!
  17. Thanks for the comments. I would love to know what it is/where it's from, but I love it regardless.
  18. These days I'm finding the repros are just as expensive as the originals. Wow. Especially the martha stewart jadeite.
  19. Sure would like to know more about the pendant though.
  20. keramikos, interesting observation that the inscription might have been wiped! That never occurred to me. I think that's why I thought it was South Asian, no markings at all... but I've held onto t...
  21. Kind of quiet here, maybe because of the holidays. I'm filing this one away as depression era, unknown maker.
  22. Cool, thanks! Not an exact match, but depression era maybe.
  23. Some how I missed your second question Gillian. I have a matching set of two :). No one solved this mystery yet.
  24. Wish I could figure out what they are. I've just about given up! :)
  25. TallCakes, you're the best! Thanks for the information :) There is some kind of glittery mess stuck inside the glass, I realized this morning. It's a neat piece though.
  26. I'd like to see yours fortapache :)
  27. Btw the fenton hobnails are nice though. Now I'm going to know those when I see them :)
  28. I think we have a real mystery here. I can't find these or anything similar online, but from what I gather, hobnail was introduced in the 40's so it likely isn't older than that.
  29. Thanks Vintageforever, that looks like a useful link for all kinds of ebay searches... really useful! I love it.
  30. Fenton hobnail shakers are generally more perfectly cylindrical and have no starburst on the bottom. Mine look kind of fat.
  31. Hi fortapache, are yours a similar shape or size? I suppose the lids can so easily be switched that it could just as easily hinder as help in identification. Yeah, these are definitely hobnail. nut...
  32. racer4four, I have to admit I'm begrudgingly enjoying the Martha Stewart glasses :)
  33. Thanks for the tip, Goodoody. Nice that you named a brand. I'd read it's hard to find a good key chain light that will really work well. Eventually I will probably end up getting one :)
  34. This is not Jeannette, I have discovered. Many people make the same mistake, and in fact that is why I believed it for so long, but I now believe it is Colony Whitehall Peach from the 70's. Kind of di...
  35. I recently acquire 4 clear water goblets of the same. The yellow cornsilk yellow is neato.
  36. I recently acquire 4 clear water goblets of the same. The yellow cornsilk yellow is neato.
  37. I love the four seams.
  38. Thanks nutsabotas6, for the comment :)
  39. Hi TallCakes, Thank you for the recommendation for cleaning. What is OMN? I've seen this pattern referred to as "Splendor" in a few places also. It is Indiana Glass, right? Thanks again! Very much app...
  40. It's an interesting one. I've never seen anything like it.
  41. AmatoorPikr, So I'm not the only one. Haha.
  42. Hi fortapache, I see now, thank you very much for the information.
  43. Thanks for pointing me to that article, Gillian! Thanks for the comment AmatoorPikr :)
  44. Hi fortapache, thanks for your comment. I thought uranium and vaseline were two names for the same thing.
  45. Thank you, fortapache. I enjoyed looking at your collection! I found some tubmlers that looked like vaseline glass, but had what looked like a modern stamp on them. They were only $0.50 apiece so I...
  46. Just found this, thanks to your mention of "crown" and "tiara". Thanks. Indiana Glass started making the gold in the 1950's: Excerpt: Indiana...
  47. Thanks for the reply, TallCakes :) I'm not sure- Crown appears to have three rows of thumbprints and these glasses only have two.
  48. Thanks for the comment, valentino97. I love this pattern, but collecting it would be cost-prohibitive. It's fun to have these though.
  49. I love it too. I have it in clear.
  50. I think the clear one is called Wexford, by Anchor Hocking.
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