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  1. Hi, English sharpening steels don't usually have 6 sides in my, somewhat limited, experience- could we have a close up of the blades please. Is it six pointed or six sided? In other words is it star ...
  2. Hi, Are the points very sharp? What are the ends of the container made of? The points look like the ends of (short)double point needles, do they come out of the container or are they fixed in? I don...
  3. That's brilliant guys, thank you all so much- I'll mark this as a solved mystery
  4. I think IMASapp may be right- I've tried it with a pin between the screw & chuck (can't loosen the tiny screws on the chuck yet) and moved the square broken bit to up to the other square guide (the on...
  5. Mum used to work for a jeweller/watch-mender but is fairly adamant this didn't come from him.
  6. Hi, my father was an engineer- fork lift truck design for a job, home model engineer- trains, stationary engines etc, and he made his own parts. My mother's father (this may have come from him) was ...
  7. Hi, Thanks for trying guys! The distance between the two screw points ( the screw and the tiny chuck) is about 1" to 1 1/2 ". I'll measure it tomorrow and try to take a few close-ups. It does look ...
  8. Hi, the 'hook hanger' is a tambour hook or crochet hook- more likely the former. The punches are bodkins or awls. Hope that helps
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