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  1. yes! Me too, it actually has little " antennae" as if it is slowly crawling around, getting longer and larger...the sense of movement is masterful!
  2. Excellent! Thank you, I was using too many search words perhaps, again this group comes through, many thanks nutsabotas6, your research has proven itself. 1940's as expected, my chain is German which ...
  3. I checked again, and no, nothing at all. Not even close.You said this is a current listing? I checked current and completed/past listings, nothing at all. Strange.
  4. Can you supply a link? I would love to see if there is any information I can derive, I have tried the keywords I thought would spark a link, J
  5. I see this was placed in a different category, yes, I agree. I had suggested deco, but after looking at other watches here, I think the word I was looking for was more "atomic" age. That suits it I th...
  6. THANK YOU!! I had no idea they had a page on FB, most excellent! Again this group comes through! J
  7. I must disagree. I have taken it to a handful of Antique shops here in NY, and all are in agreement the patina, craftsmanship and metalwork are all consistent with early 1800's at the least. I respect...
  8. I am not at all qualified to say for certain, but in looking at it closely, it is "shiny", that sheen a real vintage photograph has, those tiny "cracks" in the surface.. and it seems very thin in natu...
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