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  1. Hello. LOVE your restoration on this Hubley Corvette. Nicely-done! May I inquire, please, where you purchased the new replacement windshield and interior??? I am in need of both, please. Thank ...
  2. Thanks, fellas. I really appreciate it! James
  3. Thank you, Toylover. I'll be putting up pictures of a newly completed project - a Tonka PILEDRIVER Truck - very soon. Thanks for your kind comment. James
  4. Thank you so much. I like it too!
  5. Thank you so much for your kind comment. I'm glad you like them!
  6. Thank you. I do have 'before' pictures, and also pictures of the actual process, but I don't know how to post additional pictures, Roddy!
  7. Great buy. Tom - I sent you an email the other day - did you receive it? From LMK - James
  8. Tom, I've never seen the Green version... impressive you have it! James
  9. Nice Dinky Dodge, Tom!
  10. Nice toy. I've wanted one of these for years but they are always too expensive. Then one day recently at a toy auction, one came across the 'block' I wasn't even expecting, and I purchased it. I'm ...
  11. Thanks, fellas. It was a fun project, but also a lot of work!
  12. Thank you for your compliments - I'm glad you like it! And yes - some of the Smith-Millers are very expensive, particularly the brand new pieces coming from the new Smith-Miller company, and they are...
  13. Oh - I mis-read your original post - I understand now yours is green, but I'd still like to see your green one. Thanks! James
  14. Hi, Tom. Thanks! Can you please send me a picture or two of your original yellow Tournahauler? My regular email is: . I would love to see it. Thanks. James
  15. Thank you!
  16. Thanks! JP
  17. Thank you, Tom. JP
  18. Thank you, Mike. Working on another new Ford F350 truck right now - I will post pictures when done. It is my most ambitious effort yet! Thanks for your comment. James
  19. That's a good idea!
  20. The blue pickup is a 2nd-place finisher in a "Promo Model Contest." Everyone who entered had to start with the exact same model - the first year redesign of the Dodge Ram Pickup. I'm guessing the pr...
  21. JP, (my initials too!) Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your story. I'm sorry to hear about your mother. The box is at another location, but I will be sure to take a couple pictures of the box a...
  22. Thank you., Tom. I would like to see pictures of your Oliver Twin 1/16th. Please send to: Thanks. James
  23. Nice work. May I ask from what the seats and console for the interior originally came? Also, I LOVE the dashboard decal. Please let me know where this decal is available. Thanks. James
  24. The second toy above has already been discussed pretty extensively on the thread. It is, in fact, a SEARS-exclusive Bulldozer, and I believe it was manufactured by Bandai, but I'm not absolutely sure...
  25. I guess it's time to post the answers to this QUIZ, and then perhaps list an easier Identification Contest! Picture #1. This is truly a VERY rare toy. This is a toy that was manufactured by the E...
  26. Thank you, peeps! Very much appreciated. I remember seeing that on eBay earlier this year. Very good information. And mine has the original tracks! James
  27. I probably did purchase the Super 1 Dozer off of eBay, but at least 10 years ago. It has been in my downstairs display since 2003, and I'm pretty sure I owned it for several years prior. Mine works ...
  28. You're close - the Bulldozer was a Sears-exclusive. Please send me via email ( the resource you used to discover the Dozer was a Sear-exclusive. I'd love to see it. Thanks. James
  29. @ fourpeepsake - once again, you are dead right. Nice job. Wondering if you can identify two of the three battery-operated toys I've listed on another SHOW & TELL entry? James
  30. perhaps I started with a bit too difficult first contest...
  31. Toy Identification Contest is posted under "Model Toys Show & Tell." Good Luck!
  32. I've chosen the candidates - back in a couple hours to post the Contest! James
  33. Tonight I'm going to go downstairs and choose a TOUGH toy to identify and list it to see if anyone can find reference to it. Busy right now, but I'll list one as a contest this evening... James
  34. K-CHING! I was right, Pickr! Thanks for the information, @ fourpeepsake!
  35. pickr - can you snap a picture of the bottom - I want to figure this out. Also, look inside the battery compartment for any printing whatsoever. There has to be SOME printing or trademark on this to...
  36. Many thanks to you all for your kind comments. It's fun and wonderful to own these beautiful and legendary toys!
  37. I'm glad my collection brought back some childhood memories! Let me know if you ever are in Indiana and I'll show them to you in person. James
  38. I have many B/O Fire Engines - however, I too, am stumped. Guessing it may be a Bandai, but not sure. It sure is nice, though. I'm going to put up some pictures of a few of my B/O Fire Engines too.
  39. I enjoy building customs. In fact, I have two new ones on the workbench right now! JP
  40. Thank you!
  41. If you want the set, I'll contact him and ask him to make an exception. You may have to pay a few dollars extra shipping, but it would be worth it to have the parts on your truck. James
  42. Send me an email if you have any questions about restoring or parts. Have fun! James
  43. One of Nylint's most successful toys - they sold a blue million of these cranes!
  44. Nice truck. It's a Lil' Beaver truck and it was manufactured in Canada. If you would like to have the two mirrors, two windshield wipers and one horn for your truck, you can purchase from this eBaye...
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Cruver Caterpillar D-7


Li'l Beaver Toys.   Dump Truck and Sand Loader. Made in Canada