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Sterling Silver Pipe Lamp Lighter (Mystery Mark?) - Silverin Silver
Japanese Mystery Buckle - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Mystery Medal - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
Mahogany Swivel Top Lions Foot Table - Furniturein Furniture
The 11"  London sterling platter marks. Please help identify? - Silverin Silver
Early 11" 644 gram London sterling platter -Unknown maker??? - Silverin Silver
Juan Sanchez Nicaragua art pottery vase - Potteryin Pottery
late 1800's / Early 1900's Food Tins - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Thank you for you help and comments!
  2. Thank you so much for your help. Do you know the approximate age of this lamp? Do you think that the cannon & figure are from an earlier era?
  3. Thank you Collectors Weekly members! I had to quit my job four years ago to care for my tube fed son with severe cerebral palsy. I started selling on line as a last ditch attempt to continue caring f...
  4. Thank you so much!!! I know have some hope to identify this maker. You are awesome for making time to help me!
  5. You are a walking book of knowledge. Thank you; Greg
  6. Militarist; I did see that you are correct, but did not find this medal. No other Swiss medal showed an anchor. I can't understand why a shooting medal from Geneva would include an anchor. Thanks again!
  7. Thank you so much for your support, my search of Italian medals came up empty. The cross I am referring to is the one at the left of the anchor. Militarist; you blow me away with your knowledge. I hav...
  8. Thank you! I will do a refined search for Italian medals and hope for the best.
  9. Thank you soooooo much! It really does look antique from the underside. I am excited to look it up. Your the best!
  10. Wow! I certainly would never have expected that anyone would have put the effort that you have into helping me, someone you don't even know, with no benefit to yourself. I will let you know the outcom...
  11. That was suggested by Bhock, but I couldn't find a match. The picture doesn't show it well but lion on the right has his tongue out like I noticed in early pieces out of London. Thanks; Greg
  12. There is hope!!! I wish I could meet you all in person. You are such awesome people! Thank you once again! Greg
  13. Fraudulent? I must say, my excitement has crashed... Thank you for your time though; Greg
  14. I had to quit my job to care for my son with severe cerebral palsy, and am desperately hoping for good news on this piece to sell and help us keep afloat this next month. Your help has meant more to m...
  15. Thank you stillwater! I was sure hoping it was a very early English piece. I must admit, I am also hoping that this difficulty in identifying it means that it is extremely rare as well. Very exciting...
  16. I got it from a guy whose grandmother had passed and left him her sterling. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help. I can't believe the way that you and the other great people on this site are so willin...
  17. Wow! It never even occurred to me that this piece could be anything but English. Although the Hanau marks didn't match either, there were some similarities. I guess I need to think outside the box on ...
  18. I am so excited to see the interest that this mysterious piece of history has generated. When I do find the answers, and I will, I will be sure to share them with all you awesome fellow collectors. G...
  19. Thanks, I do feel that this one is most likely pre-1800 but I just can't find anything to match the double crowned lion and star. The creature on the front withe the long tongue is also intriguing and...
  20. I am with you. No date letter anywhere, I have searched for hours and only left scratching my head... Thanks for the comments and interest; Greg
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