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1930's puncture repair kit. - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. i think it likely than king is a family name,hrh maywell mean something else.cirtainly not any English monarch.
  2. the mechanism appears to be an anti snag/weed idea. neat lure.
  3. shoe shine stool?
  4. hi,you have a rare Shakespeare Glaskyd 2030 "Service" Baitcast Reel Model FF Manufactured in 1955.
  5. one and the same,the stoat turns white in winter,this is when they are caught for their pelts.google house of lords and you will see the robes are made of them,the black dots being the tails which sta...
  6. the round one could be an emu or rhea egg.
  7. thats a stoat! and a fine picture of one too.
  8. probably are osterich eggs,my mother had on with a crane/heron painted on one,lovely things to have.
  9. i recon its one of those freaky mega deep sea cretures from the bottom of the sea.
  10. the second image is the correct orientation ,it is hindi,seikhs wear a bracelet like it for religious reasons. i once dated an indian girl i am sure about this.
  11. the language is Hindi an Indian dialect as in asian indian.
  12. one of the half or whole pennies from the 30's was very rare and worth thousands,do some research.
  13. i would post the picture in the relevent flickr group and add a description with ebay number in it. good luck with the sale mate and thanks for sharing the picture.
  14. lovely piece and definitely has value,theres quite a lot of record needle tin collectors out there,have a look on : http://www.flickr.com/groups/1279775@N23/pool/with/2760046903/
  15. hello this is called a Heliograph.more info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heliograph
  16. childrens toys?
  17. could be a 1913 Indian 61 V-twin .
  18. as a guess 1900 - 1914
  19. any more pics?
  20. imagine it running on lithium batteries ,that is one awsome bit of kit!
  21. fhrjr2 has a point,thinking along those lines maybe a leather stamp?
  22. vb is more likely a makers mark, village blacksmith made they are not,look machine made.
  23. looks like a device for getting water from a well,leting the spring help with the weight of the bucket on its way back up? had it been smaller i would have said it was a pole lathe.
  24. could be polar bear tooth.
  25. could just as easily be for marking a pattern on biscuits or pastry.
  26. maybe an ink well to sit in a desk,bigger hole for filling to save mess,smaller for the pen?
  27. i have seen reversable lures but not quite like that,maybe a folk art piece made from old lure parts?
  28. screams out axe head to me!
  29. probably a treasured toy once.
  30. possibly an american Catalina seaplane.
  31. looking at the shape i recon its supposed to be a seaplane.
  32. is it a cock fighting chair,just it looks like its sat on backwards.
  33. sure about the material? looks like burl from here.
  34. link to pic of the rock: http://www.propertyworld.com/Gibraltar
  35. the 'island' looks like the rock of gibraltar the english dependancy.very nice knife btw.
  36. a similar design in the uk is called a bill hook,its generally used for hedge laying,older ones like this usually blacksmith made and usually well made.
  37. a bit of skill has gone into the blade as the tank is tapered,could be a re-dressed knife ie the old handle and guard replaced.
  38. very nice knife,dont let the horn dry too much or it will deteriorate,i use a little hand cream on horn.
  39. could it be a railroad spike knife?
  40. better pictures would help,how big is it? a puuko is a very large knife of around 14 inches, the knife is clearly of the scandinavian design ,the older the knife the more cirtain you can be of the reg...
  41. over here in england they were often made by woodworking apprentices,they make a lot of money here.
  42. just google image them a mate of mine has loads,worth holding on to but as no ones got any cash they wont make much right now.
  43. fantastic! would make butchery a whole lot easier!
  44. a sloe pricker for making sloe gin i recon.
  45. mate i think it looks more like walrus ivory/tusk,Elephant ivory is bigger diamiter at the face end where it is hollow,this size it would be completely solid,walrus ivory is covered by CITES ledgislat...
  46. ps i think theyre called Windsor Chairs.
  47. welsh very old,see them on the BBC antiques road show often.
  48. LOOK LIKE ICE TONGS FOR CARRYING BLOCKS OF ICE back when folk used ice before electric refridgeration.
  49. the main indicator of which monarch is the crown,this differes,this one looks like King george VI but the cross is missing i will lokk into it more.
  50. or small type italian cured sausage?
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