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Woonsocket Rhode Island

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I LOVE PEDAL CARS OBSESSION Hi, my name is MatI LOVE PEDAL CARS OBSESSION Hi, my name is Matthew! I have been Collecting Antique Toys, Trucks, Pedal Cars, Trikes, and Wagons for About 25 Years. I have a large variety of antique pedal cars and toys. We learned many years ago that parts for the pedal cars & Pressed Steel Trucks were no longer being reproduced, so I started making them myself. Below is a list of what I make and sell. American National, AMF, Gendron, Garton, Murray, Steelcraft, Pressed Steel Trucks, Pedal Cars, Buddy L, Doepke, Tonka, Nylant, Marx, Sturdytoy, Kingsberry, I LOVE PEDAL CARS! You can contact me by email Email: at Vaz185@aol.com Check out the kool photos below. Thank you. (Read more)