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  1. I have the same Czech. set. Wonder if it came with a cup and saucer. Found it at a flea market. Wish I knew more about it. Good luck.
  2. I'm glad you read my reply. Northern Wisconsin.........my husband's family is from Wisconsin. It would be fun to go out together. I have noticed that collectors tend to covet and not want to share the...
  3. You are having a lot of fun and that's what it is about. I've been collecting for about three years, first buying just what I liked at yard sales not knowing how successful I was at times with "my cat...
  4. These spoons are very unusual, especially since they have pointed ends. Why would a spoon need such pointed ends? I may be way off but how about hat pins?
  5. We call it a dish towel in the U.S. Didn't use it that way...just saved it as a nice gift from a relative in Scotland that I never met. It would look nice in a frame.
  6. I received the same exact towel from a relative in Scotland....nice seeingit here again.
  7. I have earrings that look very similar to the bracelet, same shape. Love the look of them and especially the color. It would be nice to find a matching bracelet.
  8. Ooh, they are so lovely.
  9. Have you looked for collectible books about identifying jewelry. I've had a lot of luck in Good Will andother thrift shops as well as at Flea markets. The most I've paid for a collectors book has been...
  10. Wow! Fantastic.
  11. Wish you were my daughter. We could explore to our hearts content and shop till we drop. Collecting costume jewelry can be all consuming....in a very satisfying way. Life is fun, isn't it?!
  12. Love the 1930's brooch....wish it were mine. :O)
  13. Weiss jewelry is very desirable and a precious find.
  14. Flea markets can be great places to find vintage jewelry at reasonable prices. Go to it and let us know what you find.
  15. Good luck finding the matching brooch. You never know when it will turn up and sometimes in the most unexpected places. It's a great hunt isn't it! I am an addicted costume jewelry collector....just c...
  16. Where do you find such wonderful earrings....if I may ask....don't want to blow your secret. :O)
  17. Gorgeous. Wish they were mine. Such a great find for you. Enjoy.
  18. I'm really hooked on agate jewelry. Fortunately I was able to find some beautiful brooches that are so well made. The old timers put so much into their jewelry work....look for prongs!
  19. A first edition! Fantastic.
  20. You must read the life story about Amelia Barr....absolutely amazing woman. She lived locally in Cornwall, New York. Her books are special as a local author to our small town. You have a wonderul find...
  21. Is the illustrator's name listed? That would give you more information to follow. Is there a copyright date? You have a sentimental book and a special treasure.
  22. There's nothing like holding an old book and thinking who might have read and owned it. I've discovered that our present worries often are the same as the old book stories, especially when written by ...
  23. Lucky find. I certainly would have grabbed it for it's beauty. Keep it forever.
  24. You have a very nice piece of plated silver. Chocolate pots are tall, narrow and yes, they used them for serving chocolate. If you clean the outside, other than with water, use a silver creme cleaner,...
  25. Google Singer Sewing machines. It will give you the info. for the serial number you have. Enjoy the search.
  26. That looks like a chocolate pot. If it were sterling, it would be heavy. Silver plate items are light in weight. Sterling will have a 925 mark on it.
  27. I am not sure how many of E.P Roe's books are out there. You can look up his name on Google and find out about his interesting life. He was a Chaplain and a Minister who became a successful writer. En...
  28. The Roe's owned large areas of land in Cornwall and are considered a very important part of Cornwall's history. Enjoy that precious book.
  29. The Roe's of Cornwall, N.Y are well known in this small town in Orange County, N.Y.
  30. What an exciting find....keep digging. Researching our garden finds is fascinating and can sometimes help date an old huse.
  31. Very lucky find....goood for you!
  32. What years was the C clasp common? Your brooch looks original, not a copy. Collecting brooches does become addictive....speaking from experience.
  33. looks like a fan holder.
  34. I saw this same exact pin at the Stormville, N.Y. antiques market and loved it but didn't buy...darn. I couldn't figure how it came apart since it was a brooch yet I now see how it works. Thanks for p...
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