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Maddox patented reclining chair Photographers & Their Cameras - “A Sudden, Terrific Volcanic Explosion at the Crater of Asama-Yasma”; Japan. 1903 Beautiful Dresser Civil War soldier cdv, Andersonville POW Pottery teapot Singer Model 66 Sewing Machine with Treadle 1927 VNTAGE PHOTOGRAPH, KIDS AT OSTRICH FARM,LOS ANGELES--OPPOSITE LINCOLN PARK--TAKE A CART RIDE PULLED BY ONE! PHOTO 1912-16 Leith,NORTH DAKOTA--TRAIN?  MIDDLE ON NOWHERE-WHAT ARE THESE GUYS GOING TO DO THERE? ENLARGE PHOTO! Brass Star And Crescent Trinket Box SLINGERLAND RADIO KING snare drum My Grandfathers cedar chest Unknown National 3/4 size, angular body, top tension Treadle


Old post card Early Italian Teardrop Vase by Martinuzzi or Zecchin Dome topped trunk General Store