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WHAT DO I HAVE ???? - Glasswarein Glassware
what is this???? - Glasswarein Glassware
WHAT DO I HAVE ??? - Furniturein Furniture
what do i have - Glasswarein Glassware
what is it  - Glasswarein Glassware
what can u tell me  - Glasswarein Glassware
what can u tell me  - Christmasin Christmas
WHAT DO I HAVE  - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. thanks for that tip ....great to know people are looking on the sight to help people out....
  2. thanks sorry
  3. omg i love it all...i love the marigold the best....thats for letting me look
  4. cool glad to know that... thought i was scam by a little old lady she had it for 170.00 and said it was half off and i talked her down to 45.00... i thought she was stuck on 50.00 but we worked it out...
  5. thanks guys great tips....
  6. welcome ...
  7. thank u i thought it was a steal at $95.00
  8. wow thanks again is it worth anything???
  9. thanks so much for the great info
  10. i just got the same set with out the glass....i think i paid way to much i just got the pitcher i spent 45.00 on that alone..... great to see someone with the whole set.. do u know the pattern and wha...
  11. for one or for all of them ..i thought the pitcher was worth #120.00 dang !! I think i might have paid to much for the pitcher i paid $45.00 and the candleholder i think i got a deal at $3.00 and th...
  13. thank u for the info on the book i will buy it ...u have been a great help ..thanks lisa
  14. sam, did u look at the basket do u have any info on that i think that might be my best find yet...lisa
  15. u have told me alot and i thank u ...i went to an acution an it was my first auction and i had never seen the pretty orange and i had to have it...i will buy more now...thanks for the great tips...lisa
  16. wow sam, i was right ...thanks so much u have a lot of nolage... i thought this was so pretty i had to have it ...
  17. thanks for the great info
  18. warmans carnival glass great book and i love ur bowl looks like maybe marigold 1930-1980 carnival glass
  19. great book warmans carnival glass
  20. colors and patterns of depession era glassware page 116 american rose 1913-1980 worth 70.00 and i have it yaaa. these books help out alot
  21. warmans carnival glass 2nd adition....great book page 250 windmill pitcher also page 175 margold worth 125-165 good investment im so glad and its in a book and i have it .....
  22. very nice
  23. thanks so much for the tips im very new to this and hope to get better.
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My carnival glass collection (or some of it). Set of 5 Glass Northwood Marigold Stippled Peacock on the Fence Northwood Rose Show Blue Opalescent Dish What is it? My Favorite Carnival Glass Dish Set Wondering if it's Moser? researched ! but could not find! any help greatly appreciated  ! Help me identify my new old punch bowl. Anyone know? Pink Depression Glass Tidbit Tray Marigold Zipperloop Lamp WHAT DO I HAVE


Amber Stone and Gold Ring