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Flow Blue Chinese sugar and cream set  - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Silver cauldron 4-footed salt cellar- Identify please  - Silverin Silver
folk art carved duck decoys  - Folk Artin Folk Art
UNITED STATES ARMY IN CALIFORNIA  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
carved Bull -jug topper ? - Asianin Asian
antique cast iron door stop?  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
old embroidered military patch USA? - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
large old copper item, on stand  - Asianin Asian
antique repousse hammered bowl  - Asianin Asian


  1. THanks For all The info , Much appreciate .
  2. I think they are Joking about trying to get supper ,Each has a tool for getting supper I notice the frying pan empty waiting and meat. Lol cool picture .
  3. hey, yeah well maybe that makes sense , I think its a large doorstop made to be a planter ,good idea I think its very old from the style and work to make this , there are grainy areas that I think it...
  4. Thanks. I need to read up more on this old copper items. There's a lot
  5. thanks Yeah I thought perhaps India too. Im going to post a much larger one thats more of a caldron type thing .maybe you would know what that is , .Thanks
  6. That could be possible , Thank you ,I will keep looking into it.
  7. Hi, I owned a similar Knife years ago but mine had a straight blade that slid through the handle and locked , it was similarly made to yours and if i remember it was from Finland or that area and the...
  8. Thanks Yes I found They are U S corporal Stripes so I know they are from the United States Military . The Emblem patch has Just been frustrating as I have been looking so hard but cannot find it, Lo...
  9. Old Tom Horn ! I still have that tintype. Well I agree its nearly impossible .I will mark it solved as it will be a mystery ,. I do think its glass . as I tried to scratch an area and did not even le...
  10. Lots of great info there, Thanks , Yeah i heard about a guy that dug and collected old cannon balls until one blew up . Gotta be careful , Thats a cool fuze to display ,
  11. Thats a ww1 -1914 scovill model 1907 fuze- it has a mechanical time adjustment. I dont know alot about military explosives but maybe you better read up on it as It detonates something ,most likely it...
  12. Thanks ,Yeah I bet they are paperweights .I did not think of that. They are about a half a pound each . cool Thanks for your help .
  13. Thank you very much , I guess I would not have guessed that , I did think it was an American art Pottery . cool much appreciated
  14. Thank you , Yeah my photos were quite bad also ,the two pics blended I took a photo of the computer screen because I could not get them downloaded so they are grainy , also when I tried blending the h...
  15. Great , thanks all for your insight,
  16. Thanks very much , It seems very old with all the wear . Even if its copper , pretty cool . Thank you
  17. That could be , I also thought perhaps it was made for a cartoon movie advertisement . thanks
  18. Wow ! thanks for that information , That is great to know. I have been cleaning the bottom a but and thought I could see some incised numbers or letters but the bottom is quite worn. But Thank you so...
  19. please post any comments on this item as I would like to know more about it , the patch is 2" diameter . Thanks
  20. Thanks For the reply, So what I get is they used a 1970 base on a 1973 car. Looks like it was lime green at one time...
  21. thanks for the info, ive been trying to find that out , I was hoping it to be antique glass but that's ok . thank you
  22. the color is pretty good, and no magnet will attract to it. it is a very solid rock
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Antique cabinet photo possible Gang UNITED STATES ARMY IN CALIFORNIA Greenlight Hobby Shop Series Type 2 Crew Cab With Backpacker 5th New Orleans's Ace pistol Enamel vase by Kinoto Amemiya Antique folding lockback knife prehistoric Smiladon (saber tooth tiger) WWI Trench Art Owned by Dr. Goodsell - PART 1 WW1 -1914 scovill model 1907 fuze- with a mechanical time adjuster.  World's First Time Bomb! Coke Shack Sign porcelain antique rail car sign in German "dont spit in the wagon"