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Jaipur Rajasthan India

I am a Surgeon by occupation,,,,but i am a crazy antiques lover....


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Set of tea cup caps 
Antique firehorn bellow - Firefightingin Firefighting
A vintage candle lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Vintage ammo box - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Antique padlock - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
A pair of toy flintlock pistols - Toysin Toys
Porcelain Jar - Potteryin Pottery
Brass ram rod - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
unidentified glass vare - Glasswarein Glassware
Brass Electric Lamp - Lampsin Lamps


  1. Thank u so much MacdaddyRico,iggy and Fortapache for the love
  2. Well it is in may be India made....but their are good chances of it being an american
  3. Thanks Anything for the love.
  4. Thank u Trey
  5. Thank u so much Blunderbuss.....I m overwhelmed....I found a local gun repair shop in a nearby city whose owner was 86 year old and was very well versed with old guns....The gun is with him and he has...
  6. Alas.....I m thousands of mile away from Dixie Gun works....Thank you blunder buss
  7. Yes.....I will change thay
  8. Well....I don't know what to dependent on advice you people only
  9. Yes i cleared it more and took a picture of it and then placed it in an image editing software, THEN changed the contrast and colour saturation and with some other tools ..the word become some more re...
  10. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting before you ....The restored version of my Ammo Box.
  11. Beautiful restoration....
  12. Thank u RCassano and Scott for looking into it....and I truly appreciate it. So it is clear now that the white sign was for repacking of the this can with Claymore mine. And that is really good to kno...
  13. Thank u so much....Fortapache and Scottvez...only thing I m not getting is that white sign of 6 with one word 'explosive around it and the word I can't read nor guess....I had given this box for resto...
  14. Can anybody explain about it and help to identify the missing letters ?.....The six sign is also a mystery
  15. Still waiting for the mystery to be solved..:-(
  16. Thanks everybody else for the love....
  17. Oh that's a wonderful information.....thank u do much Classical Fan
  18. Sorry....the inscription seems to be VR BARRON SECURE PATENTS
  19. Thanks Mainikin
  20. Thank u blunderbuss......was specially waiting for ur response....
  21. Thank u Sean and Fortapache for the love...
  22. Nothing...
  23. Most of bangle designs are not available on internet......unorganized industry....
  24. The print is in Gujarati.....A regional language of state of Gujarat in India
  25. Mangal means auspicious there will be thousands of shops in this name.....and bangles are considered as a sign of marriage (like ring) specially lakh bangles....indicating that the lady is not ...
  26. Made of lac, a resin,,, very much common in our place....that is the name of the shop written on the box.....Mangal Emporium U can find them even on Amazon... Search for lac or lakh bangles
  27. They r from India....
  28. Thanks aura and fortapache for the love
  29. Thanks blundebuss and kyratango for the love
  30. Beautiful....congrats
  31. Thank u for the love...bijoucal and viteraio
  32. Even I too thought them as glasses first....but they don't have any base or any sign of having the base earlier.....they have brass caps on their stems which is filled with plaster of Paris to stick t...
  33. Thanks fhjr....and thank u everybody for the love.
  34. Thank u swampdogg for the appreciation and thanks everybody else for the love...
  35. Thank u blunderbuss,, now I have some hint about it...
  36. Thank u blundebuss and Roycraoft
  37. Should get it restored....
  38. Thank you everyone for the love....
  39. Thank u every body for the love.
  40. Thank u every body for the love.
  41. Thank u for the information UncleRon
  42. It is an antique pad lock, with an improvement to sliding shackle mechanism, You can see the pad lock with sliding mechanism in my collection.... Nice thing and your's must be more than 100 year old
  43. Also.,.bunsen burner uses gas while this things run on kerosene.. And the burner top is similar to the one used in lamps.... I think it is a lamp only.....Dietmar company is famous for its lamps only
  44. But, for it to be a bunsen burner, there should have been a holder on its wick to keep the vessel....
  45. Thank u everybody for the Love...
  46. Okkk AzTom....any guess about the age ?
  47. Yes,,,the spout can be moved to and fro.....I think this was for camel mounted wide mouthed blunderbuss guns...which were common in this part of India... Well,, thank u so much for your interest
  48. Blunderbuss, i had added some more pics,,,may be they can help to solve this
  49. Well blunderbuss2 ,,, kindly solve the mystery.... I was told that this is a powder flask only....
  50. even they have a brass plaque depicting their maker company
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