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  1. That is incredible. I've never seen a bowling game like this one before - just a beauty!
  2. Beautiful lamp - I have one in my collection. Not sure of the manufacturer but it is probably a white metal w/a bronze or copper wash. Definitely a deco lamp from the 30's/40's and the star globe appe...
  3. Great looking deco lamp. I have a fair-sized collection myself and yours is most likely not Tiffany but more likely made by Nuart. Nuart and Frankart made many of the figural lamps of that era and you...
  4. One word for this timer - sexy! One of my favorites.
  5. Very cool. My wife thought I was weird for collecting old timers but I think they are just as interesting as clocks or radios. I have both of these and about 10-12 others.
  6. Great design - screams art deco!
  7. Cool clock - reminds me of old bus fare hoppers.
  8. Cool little clock. I picked one up at a flea market almost 20 years ago and it started a collection of Telechron red dot clocks. Yours appears to be in excellent condition.
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