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  1. Your welcome
  2. I posted the only new information I have. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/308117-vintage-article-on-tonala-pottery
  3. I am not into the newer colors and methods, although admittedly your piece has a great face, as I am more into the traditional canelo (cinnamon colors) and slip glazes… BUT I am seriously impressed by...
  4. Thanks for all the great responses...I have seen a Jack jumper with double runner, but not a double seater? Value of Jack Jumpers vary from $20 to $130 depending on condition, age and rarity of model....
  5. Thanks for the links, but I have never done Facebook, so apparently I am missing a lot of hidden info. Do you know any of the history behind the Tonala figures? Happy Trails
  6. I had the cereal bowl as a kid in 1975
  7. Thanks for the great info Malkey....It was good talking with you
  8. Hi Malkey...I noticed your great posts mentioning Newcastle so thought I would post some of my Newcastle bottles at: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/214946-newcastle-medicine-bottles
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SKIPPY PLATE NORTH EAST ANTIQUE BOTTLE COLLECTION  BRITISH ISLES A Finial In Shape of a Halberd 1930s Custom Designed Electric Radio in Wooden Cabinet, Good Working Condition COORS RODEO COOLER TRAILER More bottles Skateboards Jack Jumper Sled USFA  Special Services "Skiing in Austria" Brochure Old Skis OR Fakes ? STYLISH BUT EFFECTIVE


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