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Old military styled jewelry  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. I don't know if you have seen the show American Pickers on History channel, but there was an episode where they were looking for a millstone for William Shatner. They found a man that collects millst...
  2. The left coin is out of the Constantine dynasty, but I can't tell enough to be more specific. The one on the right seems to be Greek, but I can't make out enough detail to be sure. The back side is ...
  3. The left coin is roman and possibly Vespasian or Domitian. I can make out Constantia on the back, but I can't make out the legend on the front. The right coin is another Parthian coin.
  4. Left coin again, I don't know. Right coin is the emperor Hadrian. The legend reads Ceasar Trajan Hadrianus and is from 119 to 122AD.
  5. The left coin I don't know. The right coin is third century Constantine dynasty from the Cizycus mint. Not sure I spelled that right.
  6. The left coin is another Parthian. The right coin appears to be roman and I can make out a figure sitting on a throne on the back, but I can't make out the bust.
  7. The coin on the left is Byzantine period. Start your search there. The coin on the right is Parthian prior to the time of Christ.
  8. The coin on the right is Spanish colonial. Do a search for Charles and Joanna. The time period is around 1550. The left one appears to be Roman, but I don't know the ruler.
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