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  1. Anyone have any info?
  2. LOL....Hi Manikin thank for looking. They seem to have the maker and info. I just can't seem to find any detailed information on them. Thanks Mike
  3. I have not seen this Poster Hand signed anywhere....
  4. Really, I was thinking if the players are together they would sign with the same pen. Or if the same pen was used on different days. Any idea on the names??
  5. Yes very nice
  6. Any idea who signed it?????
  7. Does anyone know who wizard # 1 is and what this poser is from
  8. Thank you really trying to find out more about it along with the sig. On the base.
  9. Any idea what this is from??
  10. Wow ....do you have posted anywhere. I will count the cards and let you know how many I have. Thanks and keep me posted.
  11. Thank you for all your help.
  12. Wold this book have any value? should it be protected?
  13. I just added more photos but cant find a date other then 1860 on the front pages....could this book be that old.
  14. Well i am really stumped. I cant even seem to find a reference to this game.
  15. If you read the letter its kid of strange
  16. I Have added more photos of whats inside and a Letter that came in the box. I don't know if this is a thresher or trash?
  17. would you have any information on the book as I can't seem to find it online anywhere. would this be considered a keeper
  18. any idea???
  19. Don't know if they are lead.....or how old
  20. Its really driving me crazy......cant find them. Even the buttons have the name on them.
  21. about this is very strange I've looked high and low and can't seem to find anything about the Jean's at all.....any other suggestions
  22. Anyone have any info?
  23. That looks like the one ....your GREAT... Thank you
  24. LOL.....hope to get some info on this thing:)
  25. it seems to be plastic. Very hard plastic bottom. I called it a nutcracker because I have no idea and it looks like one of the nutcracker guys. But no it doesn't crack nuts
  26. No problem ....thank you:)
  27. Thank you so much...hope some others will drop some info
  28. It doesn't really crack nut....do you think that its still called a nut cracker?
  29. Any idea of what it would be called? or of its age? Thank you
  30. The strange thing is I cant find anything about them online anywhere...
  31. Thanks....seems strange no markings. Thank you :)
  32. Thank so much....
  33. is there a way to send you more photos? looks like the one you sent the link for....also what about the second doll in the photo
  34. Hi Manikin I should have taken off the dress but the body in not white it looks more like the skin color.
  35. I was thinking it was decorative because the finished wood and dont know if the runs would hold a persons weight?
  36. Thank you :)
  37. Any help would be great....
  38. Thanks so much....I agree ::::::::)
  39. Thank you Manikin...:) would this be something that was made from a kit. Would there be stemware to have this appraised? I do think it is amazing. Thanks so much for your kind words...
  40. Would anyone have info on this?
  41. Would anyone have any more information??
  42. cant seem to find one online anywhere
  43. will do .....thanks
  44. sorry I pit the spoon in the wrong direction ...it is painted blue on the other side like the rest of the set
  45. Would you know if the item in the middle with the spoon is for sugar?
  46. any help on this one???
  47. Thank you..... I was wondering how to tell how old and if its some kind of original
  48. Would you know what this is made from?
  49. sorry.... don't see a link to yours?
  50. would anyone have additional information?
  51. See more


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