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love all thing vintage!!


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"Packie" or "One Way" bottles I found recently. - Bottlesin Bottles
Some of my embossed bottles - Bottlesin Bottles
1969 embossed 12oz Rolling Rock "Glass Can" - Bottlesin Bottles
16oz "Glass Cans" - Bottlesin Bottles
Found two while out scouting the former Pennsylvainia & Ohio Canal. - Bottlesin Bottles
Limited run? 7oz Rolling Rock bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Early (1940) 7oz Rolling Rock bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Just a few of my "Glass Cans" - Bottlesin Bottles
More pics of the Williams soda water bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Renner light up sign - Brewerianain Breweriana


  1. This bottle style is known as a "Packie" or "One Way", it's the third generation of the "No Deposit No Return" bottle style, values vary and the amber ones are the most prevalent, there's also green, ...
  2. I know this is a really old post, but I just found one of these today, although mine lacks the large "Bacardi" embossing it's otherwise the same, and it is clearly dated at 1944 with the O-I as the gl...
  3. Thanks, I just bought the 16oz Schlitz bottle yesterday, should be here in a few days.
  4. Looks to be dated 1990, could be a Budweiser, Busch, or a Natural Light labeled bottle.
  5. What happened to the cans?
  6. The two Burgers came from a Marketplace listing, very nice lady that found an old farm dump on their property while searching for rocks to put along her pond bank, Ive been to her place now four times...
  7. Nice bottle, are you any relation to the brewery in St. Marys?
  8. I think bottle collecting is starting to take off, I collected cans for many years and still have quite a collection of them, but lately my focus has been on bottles, mostly the "Glass Can"/ "Stubby" ...
  9. Yep, these Royal Ruby Red bottles are pretty cool, I have three nice examples of the 7oz with good labels still on them, I also have the quart and 12oz "Glass Can" in Royal Ruby Red.
  10. Falstaff had a bottle like the one you posted with a blue with gold trim label.
  11. Any clue as to value on this bottle?
  12. Very nice!, Thanks Bottle Bud!!
  13. Wanted to add, that there is a patent date of June 1st 1926 on the lower edge of the bottle...
  14. Looks like 60's to me, nice sign!
  15. That is cool!
  16. looks cool!
  17. Yep, hope you can save that one, I hate seeing these signs disappear (the wrong way)...
  18. That is a cool sign, nice grab!!
  19. Very cool signs, I hope you get around to posting more pics of them....
  20. Very cool sign!!, What kind of building was it found in?
  21. very cool that they saved the original, i can remember when there were still alot of micky-d's around with the big double arches, really miss those days.........
  22. looks to be in great shape, bummer about the broken thermometer, might be able to fit one in from another sign in bad shape with a good thermometer, can't help you on the "as is" value, even broken i'...
  23. thanks manikin, yep, gotta love the late 50's, early 60's signs!!
  24. cool story on the hotel sign kaputs, i wish i could go back in time......
  25. thanks guys, yep, it's a real cool sign, i love the vintage motel theme and it fits right in, these classic roadside motels are disappearing fast, most unfortunate......
  26. found one of these same signs yesterday, a little too pricey to bring home though.......
  27. nice, i just found a nice late fifty's Schlitz sign as well..........
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Bacardi bottle Du Bois Budweiser bottle Steinie Beer Bottles Two faves I don't see alot of