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i collect things that catches my heart then the eye


  1. thank you for the history im grateful
  2. wow thanks for all the information i love learning about pic's the story's take you places Thank you very much and ok i wont clean it. thank you for everything . and the history . I love it
  3. does anyone know how i can clean it or should i
  4. wall hanging mad to frame .
  5. sorry still trying to get more info cant seam to find any name or mark still looking i have to get it off the wall have to wait for help don't want to drop my baby . Happy 4th
  6. ok thanks i will. give me a little time. ill look Thanks again and yes its spring driven . ill get back to you on the other info Thanks again.
  7. THANK YOU so much i love to learn about things i love . I thank you again GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.
  8. please anyone know the artist M.Brice I' ve been trying to look it up but cant find anything on artist M. Brice .
  9. thank you i will take better pictures and re post im glad you love it .have a wonderful night
  10. Thanks its a honor for you to say that god bless.
  11. smile handsome aloha hawaii
  12. its my birth stone . i LOVE it so . Thank u for sharing.
  13. Hi tugboat0278 I also have what i think is a wine decanter shaped like grapes and the shot glasses with the same pattern . looks like blown glass not sure year or artist i would love to learn the hist...
  14. GRANDMA has good taste
  15. WOW that would bring in good money in a Hawaii museum very nice thanks for sharing . GOOD FIND LOVE IT.
  16. Wow i wish they would sell them so sad to see this part of history go to rust thanks for sharing i love old trucks anything 2 door.
  17. wow Jim thank you so much . I heard of that thanks for refreshing my memory . In very grateful . Have a nice day .
  18. Thank you for some History of the clock im am so grateful that you took time to Lightning me its nice to learn the history of each piece . Thanks again and have a nice day Aloha
  19. i think yours has more cuts in it very nice that must be so nice in the sun thanks have a good day
  20. WOW that's beautiful looks like the one i have but the cut is different i love it thanks for sharing it with me i love Decanters . Thanks again and have a wonderful day . God Bless
  21. im sorry in the picture i saw it looked very small .Sorry again god bless
  22. I would love to see the one u have. Thanks for the kind words i love decanters as well
  23. looks like a perfume bottle u should take more pictures with the top off and if there is markings picture of bottom all angles so people can rely see it is lovely. more pictures might help. just thoug...
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